Monday, May 18, 2009

A sunny weekend!

Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous - 80 degree weather! I'm sure it won't last, but we had lots of fun. Avers got to wear her beautiful Adidas dress that Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got her for Easter. Look at those legs!

Lando had a really cool rhino shirt on yesterday. He and Carter had the best time playing in the dirt by the tree. No grass ever grows there.
This little crazy man told me that he was washing his legs with dirt. Needless to say, the boys had a bath last night.
Here's my girl on Saturday. She was very good about wearing her hat when we were outside, which was a lot. Doesn't she look thrilled?
My friend Ritter came over on Sunday, and we had a little play date. Madisyn and Carter got along great. Here they are playing with the train. They always go back to that toy!
The babies both had little naps at the park. When we got back, they rolled around on the floor together. Mason is about three weeks older than Avery. He's a laid back baby - so cute.
They were funny. Avery rolled on her side and tried to eat his head. She was hungry! It's funny how our kids are so close and are boy/girl pairs. They will be fantastic friends.
Here's Madisyn and Carterman at the park. They were putting dirt and rocks in this bowl and making "soup". I can't believe how blonde Madisyn is!
Carter's new thing is "carrying" Avery to his room. We carry her together and put her on the bed. Then he tells her about his movies. He's such a funny little boy and an excellent brother.
I love her face here. She thinks this is a lot of fun! I like how Carter is holding her hand too. It's just a cute picture.
We brought out the activity thing the other day. We have to wrap a blanket around her so she's stable, but as you can see - she loves it!
Jordan spent the night on Friday. Carter was quite happy to watch some cartoons with her in the morning.
Carter likes to eat crackers on his picnic table from Grandma Bonnie. We are going to move it outside pretty soon. Jordan decided to sit Avery on there to talk to her brother (who was saying "Cheese").
Carter was drawing the other night. He did some really nice squiggles - he told me it was "Ratatouille". He's very imaginative.
His new favorite thing is to stand in the tree, and shake the branches at Poppa. I trimmed his hair the next day!
Here's Carter and Poppa being silly. Carter loves to hang out with his Poppa!
I've been trying to see what 3-6 month clothes my little girl can fit in. She did look pretty lovely in these sporty pink pants. She's just a little peanut.
Here's full extension in the activity thing. She really liked when I would spin the ball. Her feet just reach the bottom!
Here's Terri's favorite picture of the week. Carter was wearing someone's sunglasses. I'm not sure whose they were, but he looks like a bug/alien especially with that little body! A cute one though. His one nostril is all smashed too. He's a goof.
Just a happy diaperless baby! A nice way to close out the blog for the week.

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