Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long weekend

Sorry everyone. I had a long weekend - Monday and Tuesday off. It was lovely. Anyway, I was too lazy to put pictures up until now! I saw Erica and Kathi both updated so I was feeling like a slacker. Here's my girl taking a good nap on the couch...such a surprise! She usually only naps really well in her swing. She's a good girl.
Here's a little crazy man playing with Poppa. He was just goofy that night. Everything was making him laugh hysterically. He fell through Poppa's legs onto his butt, and that really got him going!
I believe he collapsed onto Poppa's chest from all that laughing. You can tell he's a bit insane by that expression on his face.
Carter thought Auntie Erica's headband would look great on him. He was right! Erica snapped this lovely picture of his do.
He was planting himself. He is such a little weirdo...but in a good way. He has quite a sense of humor.
Jordan set Miss Avers up on this gorgeous pillow for some tummy time. She looks like royalty - except for that drool!
Just a big blue-eyed baby girl picture for your enjoyment.
This is possibly one of the worst pictures of me, but my babies are cute. This is how they fell asleep the other night.
She's just like her brother...happiest when naked. She's worse about peeing everywhere though. She knows as soon as that diapers off!
Here's a happy baby in a summer skirt with Aunt Terri. She looked very nice in her little girlie outfit from Grandma Burgman.
These were Carter's "Daddy shorts". He thought he was pretty cool in them. This was before the boys filled the pool with dirt!
Carter has been very nice about sharing his blue guys with Avery. She apparently has noticed that you're supposed to chew and slobber on them.
Here's a lovely shot of the boys helping Erica with the dishes. That is by far one of their favorite thing to do. I had to do the "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog" dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get them to look at me!
This is my favorite picture of the week. Carter is just such a good brother. He decided to do some tummy time with his sister.
It's so funny when he plays quietly by himself. I snuck around the corner to get this picture of him coloring at his picnic table.

Carter went up to Roosevelt Drive with Poppa and Landon. They did some exploring while Dad's track kids ran. They kept telling us how they went to a mountain! Can you tell he played in some dirt up there?
Carter decided that he loves cake. He used to just eat the frosting, which is all over his face in this picture. Now he'll eat the whole piece.
Kyle came home at dinner the other night and gave his girl some kisses. She was laughing out loud! Her neck is very ticklish.
Here's my little sunshine hanging out with Poppa. She likes when Poppa holds her because he takes her outside. She enjoys the fresh air.
I have a video of this fun from the other night. Carterman still loves to play with this thing...almost as much as Avery does.
Here is the video. She is such a goof. These are just more new noises that she's learning how to make. You can hear Mulan in the background. That's Carter's favorite movie right now. He loves Mushu. He tells me all the time about the funny dragon.

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