Tuesday, June 23, 2009

3 Day Weekend

Carterman was an absolute nutcase all weekend. He was crazy and silly and weird! Here he is in his winter boots over his pajamas with a chocolate donut face. He was chasing Landon around and around the house with a cucumber and an orange from his kitchen.
Later he decided to ride his horse, which he calls Lucky sometimes and Buck sometimes (Buck is from Home on the Range) while writing some notes on his notepad. He's a multi-tasker!
Erica and Lando came over on Saturday and Sunday just to hang out. It was fun for the boys. We taped some big pictures on the coffee table for them to color. Carter had Woody and a horse, and Landon had a whole bunch of Cars. They traded and colored together quite nicely. The pictures turned out very beautiful.
Avers and Carter took a very nice bath together on Sunday night. Afterwards Avery decided to play peek-a-boo with her blanket. She's getting to be such a funny little girl.
I have some very nice smiles from Carterman on this blog. He's not being so cheesy anymore! This just kills me. He's been filling his toolbelt with stuff from his kitchen. As you can see, he has a banana, a roll, a wooden spoon, and a whisk. There is also a wrench in the very back. He's such a clown!
I was cleaning out Avery's 0-3 month clothes, and I found this lovely hat that matched her pajamas. I tried it on just to take a picture. I'm glad I did, because she looks awfully cute. We get a lot of compliments on those big, dark blue eyes!
Here's my little happy monkey sitting with Terri. She's starting to like sitting up a lot more. She used to just squirm around so she could lay down.
I got Carter and Landon some new summer jammies from Disney. Landon's have Lightning McQueen. Carter was loving these. He kept saying "To Infinity and Beyond!!!" while jumping around.
In honor of Father's Day, I have a couple pictures with Daddy. Carter always gives Kyle a big kiss before work. It helps him "catch bad guys". He usually has a nice hug for him on his dinner break also.
Here's Kyle and his little girl. She just loves her Daddy. She always has a big smile and some crazy kicks for him when he talks to her.
Just a sweet baby Avery smile. She enjoys being tickled on her belly. Her little laugh is so funny. I'll have to try to get a video of it.
I really like this Carter smile. He's a handsome little fella. It's very rare he's standing still long enough for me to take a close-up!
Dad and Mom went to Three Bears (sort of our Costco) to do some major shopping. Dad found the Cheeseballs. Carter was so happy! He thought he was pretty buff carrying them around.
Just another nice smile. The boys had a good time in the bath, but my camera needed to be charged so this is the only picture I got. They're good little guys who are good buddies. Carter talks about "my cousin name's Landon" all the time.

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