Monday, June 8, 2009

Sicky Sick Girl

My poor little baby had a stomach bug this weekend. It started Friday night and lasted until Sunday night. She just couldn't keep much down. She was still a good baby though. She'd throw up, and then smile at you! Here she is having a little nap on Daddy. Don't you love the "just-in-case" towel?
Here's later on in the day. Notice that both of them are wearing different outfits! My poor girl. She was having a little pedialyte to keep her hydrated. I just put this up because she was holding the bottle by herself. What a big girl!
Erica made some edible play-doh. It was pretty impressive. Jordan was quite the artist. She made a very detailed Spongebob, Patrick, Plankton, and Spongebob's house (not pictured). The boys thought it was pretty cool!
There's Lando with his crazy hair smashing some dough. It was a Spongebob kind of day yesterday: Lando had the shirt, Abbey had some Spongebob socks, Jordan made a Spongebob, and it was on TV about a million times!
Carter decided to play for awhile too. He made a horse, which he told me was Mulan's horse. Then he ate the horse. How disturbing!
Here's a happy girl laying on Carter's bed. She loves Carter's room. She likes to look at his posters and just watch him be a crazy man.
She also likes to try and take blue guy. She has to have something in her hands to play with all the time. Sometimes we quote Gladiator to her: "Are you not entertained?" in our best Maximus voice. We're dorks.
The boys had a fantastic day on Wednesday. They got to eat dinner at McDonald's and then have an ice cream cone at Bonanza Freeze (Wednesday is half-off cone day!). As you can see, they enjoyed it!
He looks like a little Caveman holding that bat! He loves it though. My friend Dana bought him that shirt for his first birthday - I was so flattered!
Avers got to explore the outdoors again with Poppa. I remember Carter also loved the shiny gold mailbox when he was a baby.
A happy naked girl scooting along her bear rug. She's pretty mobile. She likes to turn in circles on her belly. I call her squirmy wormy all the time. I have the dumbest nicknames for my kids!
She likes to fishhook herself. She also likes a good finger to chomp on. She got Poppa's finger last night, and he said she's got some strong gums! She's cuddling with Grandma here.
Carter had a bath at Lando's house last Monday. We went over there to see their new hamster, Rhino. This is Carter's enthralled face - Rhino was running on his wheel. He's a cute little thing!
This isn't the best picture of my girl, but she was enjoying lounging on the soft pillows. I think she was listening to Terri talking. Look at those cute little feet!

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