Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunburst and More

Here's my little man with one of his mosquito bite horns on the way back from Sunburst. They've been swelling up horribly this year, but go down to normal after a day. He didn't care; he had a healthy snack of pringles!

Carter was so funny out at the farm. He just talked and talked to everyone. He saw this picture yesterday and told Landon, "It's Callie!". It was so nice to see everyone.

Here's my pretty girl in a nice summer outfit. It was beautiful on Saturday - just perfect weather. Avers had a rough day though; she just refused to take a nap. Luckily Carter's excellent mood made up for that.
Carter absolutely loves this bike from Dick and Diana's house. Grandpa brought it out to the farm so Carter could ride around on the nice sidewalks out there...so of course, he's in the dirt. Carter was very happy to see his cousins. He and Colty laid on the floor together and watched Iron Giant until he fell asleep. Thanks again Chris and Aly for the cute Avery outfits and fun activity stuff for Carter!
I think this was the highlight of the weekend. He can't stop talking about "riding a horse". Last night he kept telling me, "I need to go to the farm". Phil is his new hero!
He got kisses from a cow too. Could it really get any better for a little guy?
You can't really tell here, but Carter was steering in the Ranger. Carter, Kyle, and Callie went out looking for cows earlier in the day. Fritzi and Fancy rode in the back which Carter thought was hilarious!
This is right when we got there. Carter plopped right down in between Diva and Laney. He loved to run around the long hallways in Dick and Diana's house with the puppies.
Here's Miss Avers rolling around on the floor. She was really loving looking at the dogs too. She got to wear her cute little onesie from Aunt Diane. Lovely!
Have you ever seen a happier little face? He loves a good Diva kiss! All the dogs in Sunburst are so great. They just love little kids, and Carter loves them.
Carter was telling Avery the Rolling Machine about Diva. He told her the next day, "C'mon, I show you the farm". I just like his funny little face, and Avery listens intently. Thanks again everyone. It was a great weekend. Hopefully we'll do it again soon!
This is the back door at our house. Carter has discovered Laney's dog door, and he thinks this is beyond fun to crawl out of. We've been closing it up at night because last year a cat came to visit us at about 4 in the morning!
We're trying to fatten him up! Peanut butter spoons were always a favorite after school treat for us. We're easy to please.
Carter has become obsessed with robots. He keeps asking Laney if she wants to go find robots with him. Last week Carter and Landon both wore robot shirts to daycare - Erica and I always do that! Then they watched the bad robot (from the Incredibles) while they ate dinner. The good robot is the Iron Giant. Got it?
Here's Grandma and two of her grandchildren. Anyone who's holding Avery usually gets a Carterman also. He's an excellent big brother, but he can get a bit jealous. He's also learned to completely undress himself - what a genius!
We had a cold and gloomy week in Butte. The nice thing was that Aves got to wear a bunch of 3-6 month warmer outfits. She looks quite gorgeous in red.
Just a happy boy face. He got to go to the store and get donuts - one of his favorite things. He's my little ham.

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