Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a little one

We have just a little post this week since I didn't put up last weeks until Wednesday. Anyway, here is my silly girl enjoying tummy time. She getting to be quite the roller. She loves to roll on her belly as you can see!
Carterman was quite silly yesterday. He wanted to wear Landon's winter boots last night. He even went to the store with Terri and Jordan like this!
He's a goofball. He kept telling me that I didn't need to take vitamins - that they were for Avery. He looked lovely in his yellow "I'm a little monkey" shirt from Carl and Jenny - that's so fitting!
Avery also looked fabulous yesterday. I was so happy that she fit into this outfit from Kelsie and Terri Jo. The silver sparkly lines on the leggings were just killing me!
Carter and Daddy got haircuts on Friday. Kyle said that Carter was hilarious. He liked getting his haircut and just talked the whole time about "The Incredibles"! His comb from Great Clips makes a fantastic Chick Hicks mustache!
I just liked how she was sleeping on her hand. It looks like she's posing.
That rice cereal is starting to fill her out. Look at that belly!
Terri brought over Abb and Jord's old Disney Sing-A-Long tapes. The boys are enjoying rocking out to the "Circle of Life" here. Hopefully Erica made them scoot back after this - they look like zombies!
I'm getting some extra use out of this 0-3 month dress from Aunt Diane - we threw some little capri pants underneath it since it's a little short. It's just too cute.
Avery is saying "good luck" to her pal Jordo before their company recital on Wednesday. I watched on Thursday, and they were fantastic. Abb and Jord are excellent dancers!
They were kind of color coordinated that day. I assure you this was by accident!
More tummy time...I couldn't resist putting up this silly little face. Those arm rolls are lovely also!
She's starting to get a bit frustrated with her bouncer. She really wants to sit up and eat the birds that hang down. She's so big - 5 months today!

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