Monday, October 12, 2009

New things to try!

I seem to have a lot more pictures of Avers this week. I think it's because Carter has been in a bad mood. We took them to the doctor on Friday, and Carter has an ear infection (his first ever) and Ave has a sinus infection. She hasn't complained though, so we were surprised. Carterman hasn't been sleeping very well at all and now we know he probably wakes up every time he rolls on that side with the bad ear. Anyway, here's Avery reading a cool new book Grandma found for her.

She is such a little maniac. She's like a mountain goat. She can climb on top of Carter's picnic table, so we really have to watch her closely when she's in Carter's room now.
She's been trying new things (hence the title of the blog). Here she is enjoying some cornbread last night. She loved it! We had cornbread and a ton of jambalaya that Dad made for Carl & Jenny. They were here for four days, and it was very fun. Grandma loved having them here. I'll get a picture of them up next time I post (I ran out of time!).
He's such a little fool. He makes me laugh though. Here he is careening down the hall on one of his dumptrucks.
This is for Callie. I wanted to show you that Laney still has her Dingo wreath. I have no idea how many years she's had this, but it pops up from time to time!
Poppa was really making Landon laugh the other night! He is a very ticklish guy.
This is such a cute little outfit (from our Alaska buddies). Yellow looks quite lovely on her. She was playing with some of Carter's bristle blocks. He shares on occasion!
These are the funniest things ever! We ordered Carter some Buzz Lightyear talking gloves. We did not expect them to be enormous! They are very light though, and he loves them. He likes to punch the walls so they will talk.
Here's Miss Avers Halloween costume. It's so cute! I'll be gone on Halloween for volleyball (which sucks) so I had to try it on her when it came. She doesn't like stuff on her head (so she couldn't be an animal), and she doesn't like dresses now (since she's crawling) we decided on Jasmine! It's 12-18 months so she can wear it over some warm clothes.
Carter has decided he loves puffs and baby cheetos again. He sits with Avery every time she eats now so he can get in on her delicious snacks!
This is a cute picture of some sleeping girls. Avery and Abbey love to take little naps together.
Here's a sleeping boy after daycare. He's been exhausted and cranky because of this ear infection. He never told us anything hurt, so we had no idea what was going on with him.
Here's more fun stuff to try - pumpkin pancakes. Mmm, so so good. She chowed them down in her little Halloween pajamas. She was 16 lb 12 oz when we went to the doctor. Carterman was up to 25 lbs!
After he woke up and we went home, this little guy was crazy. I believe he was up until 2:30 that morning. He's been having fun with the vacuum attachments lately. His shirt was funny. It said Cap'n Spooky - Surrender your candy! Mom found it at Target.
She looks like such a little tomboy in these jeans. They are Carter's old Lucky Jeans. I figure if someone is going to spend that much money on a pair of jeans, they can both wear them! I'm sure they came from my friend Carrie.
I found this shirt at Old Navy. It's perfect for Butte High games. It's even got Daddy's favorite number on there, and some butterflies to keep it girly!
Does he not look completely insane here? I believe he was attacking Poppa and loving every minute of it!
Ave is learning how to clap. Grandma loves to play Patty-Cake with her, and she's starting to get it! She's easy to amuse. She was playing with Carter's crinkly Toy Story fruit snacks wrapper. What could be more fun? I also stuck her in Carter's old shoes. I think they looked pretty cute.

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