Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunburst and more!

We made a quick trip to Sunburst last weekend because it's the first weekend we've had free forever! It was very nice to see everyone. Dick and Diana made an absolutely delicious turkey dinner for the whole fam on Saturday night.

Colty is such a good little kid. He and Avery were playing a little game here. He'd put the bib around her neck and she'd rip it off and throw it! I love how she's staring at him.
Here's Uncle Kyle with his newest nephew, Kaden Toby Barsness. He's about two weeks old and was quite a good little baby. He looks a lot like his brother and sister too.
Avery was having a very good time drumming her hands on this little coffee table at Grandma Bonnie's house. As you can see, she wore pajamas all day Saturday. It's just so much easier than her tearing off her socks and shoes!
Then she discovered we could play peek a boo under the table - she looks so silly!
Carterman had an excellent lunch at Grandma Bonnie's, and after seeing the cows, he was very ready for a nap. He fell asleep watching Scooby Do (which is his new favorite movie right now).
Here's kind of a lopsided picture of his fantastic lunch. We're all pretty spoiled out at the farm. We had fresh caramel rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches, and some really good Shrimp Alfredo. We gave Carter some of the extra peas. He loves them!
A very sweet sleeping Kaden. You always forget how tiny brand new babies are! Chris and Aly are lucky to have such good siblings for him. Bre and Colty are great with their little brother.
Laney had a big weekend too. She and Diva always have a couple good wrestling matches while we are there. Lane was digging under her blanket trying to get Diva in this one. She's nuts.
Dick and Diana have a really nice little window seat in one of their new rooms. Carter had a great time jumping off and yelling "To Infinity and Beyond" in his new Buzz Lightyear pajamas!
As you can see, Avers made it up the dog stairs. Even with that pacifier in her mouth, you can tell she's pretty proud of herself!
She thinks she's so big now. She wants to do whatever her brother is doing, like looking out the window at the dogs.
Carter always finds these trucks when we are there. They are pretty cool little self-propelling vehicles. We had a great time. We'll have to get up to Sunburst again soon. Thanks everyone!
Here's my little ranch face and his Daddy at McDonald's in Helena. We stopped there to let Carter run around a little and make sure they had dinner. The funny thing was Carter didn't really want to play - he wanted to go see the farm! Kyle said that is probably the only time we'll ever hear, "I don't want to go to Donald's - I want to go in the car!".
Little Chubby Cheeks was very good on the trip. She took a very nice nap after she was full of her turkey rice dinner.
Someday last week, Erica got the boys some little pumpkins to paint. They had a very good time. I don't think Carter's going to be an artist, but he enjoyed himself!
There's Lando's pumpkin. I think Erica helped him put a handprint on it. Look at his hair! You would never know I practically shaved his head a while ago.
Carter was very serious about his paint choices. His pumpkin looked like it had a smile!
I didn't get a great picture of them together, but you can tell they're hard at work. Erica is good at finding little activities for them to do. Must be that elementary teacher thing!
There's not even one picture that they are looking at the camera, but what can you do? This was just a nice action photo. Plus you can see his huge arms.
Carl and Jenny were in last week too - well until Monday. Carl came in for a conference at Tech, but we mostly just hung out. Grandma was very happy to have them come visit for a second time this year. We always have lots of fun; we even managed to sneak a game night in! Hope you guys had a good trip back!
Last but not least, my rosy cheeked baby. Ave was having a nice little snooze on Grandma. It's so nice when she sits still for a second now. She's very mobile!

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