Monday, October 5, 2009

Party time (and more)

It was Connor's 6th and Austin's 4th birthday party on Saturday. It was quite a fun little time. They are just too cute. This picture makes me laugh. Connor was making faces for me while I took pictures. Then he wanted to see the results. Here's a nice, silly one of Connor and Grandpa Lyle.
Carter told Connor "Happy Birthday" before we left and gave him a hug. Connor gave him a cool Transformers post card. He is such a nice little kid.
This is a cute picture of Nicole with her boys. Excellent work on the party Nicole! It was a very good time had by all!
Here's Jocko enjoying some cake and ice cream. She hauled Avery all over for me that day. She's an excellent helper.
Landon greatly enjoyed the frosting on his cake. Kyle mentioned to him that he had a fork, but he was fine with using his whole hand!
I was surprised, but Carterman loved this ice cream. I'm not sure if he's ever had chocolate before. He keeps picking at that cut on his nose, and it will not heal!
There's the boys blowing out their candles. Connor had a dinosaur cake; Nicole said he's really into dinosaurs right now. Austin had a Madagascar cake. Landon and Carter thought that was pretty awesome.
I only got one picture of the opening of presents. They were too quick for me!
Every time we go to Silver Bow, we get a picture of the boys in this race car. It has two wheels, and they love sitting together in it!
Here's my girl crawling around. I had to get a shot of these pants that mom got her. They are hilarious. I think I'm going to order her some more 6-9 month stuff from the Children's Place. They fit perfectly! She's wearing shoes too (for the first time). They were big, but they kept her socks on.
I just like this little face. He was riding the "horseys". He loves the carousel.
Lando was trying to play Ms. Pacman. Erica was helping him so he didn't fall off the chair in his excitement!
Ave also had a fine time playing on everything. She was quite charming to everyone there. I didn't get a picture, but she was showing off for Aunt Helen and Aunt Nancy. She's a ham!
More crawling pictures. She's a maniac! She pulls herself up on everything now - and I mean everything.
Carterman did some racing with his Daddy. He had quite a serious racing face. He was a tired boy by the end of the party.
This was his cheese face. He's a clown. The boys have little books Mom made of their 2nd birthday parties. So whenever they look at them, they say "I need to go to my party". So Silver Bow is the "party" place!
She was wearing a pair of Carter's old jeans last week. They made me laugh. She looks like a bit of a tomboy in this picture with her basketball and baseball toys!
We went to the mall to let the kids play last week. It's just getting so cold. Lando was enjoying a gumball before we left. I love his gray hat!
Carterman had a good time going down the slide. I tried to get pictures of them going down on their bellies, but I missed it. That's their new favorite thing.
He had just woken up from a nap when we decided to meet Erica at the mall. He sat on a bench for about ten minutes and ate crackers until he was fully awake!
There's my silly girl at home before we went to the mall. You can tell by her dirty face and pajamas that she just had some dinner. Turkey and rice I believe.
There was no one at the mall except for us, so Ave got to play too. Erica and I kind of kept her between us and let her crawl and climb to her heart's content. She slept well that night!
There she is trying to keep up with her cousin. She thought she was pretty cool in there. She was laughing everytime the boys jumped off of something.
I had to get a picture of Landon in these peace sign (or wheels as Landon says) pajamas. Mom got the boys both a pair of these stretchy ones from the Children's Place. He just looks so cute and lanky!
My girl has discovered the joy of baby cheetos. She absolutely loves them. I have to hide them though or Carter would eat all of them!
Last Monday it was 73 degrees - my girl was in a skirt and tank top. Hard to believe it now! Tonight it is supposed to be a balmy 15. I'm so not excited.
She is a most helpful baby. She helped me unload dishes from the dishwasher yesterday. She's my little monkey - into everything!

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