Monday, October 26, 2009

Buzz is ready!

Is there anything cuter than a boy and his dog? We took a little walk in the nice fall weather to C Street Park, and Carterman walked Laney back.

Jordan and Avers went down the slide a couple times. Avery seemed to like it. It was nice that the wind wasn't too crazy. We needed to get out of the house.
My mom got her a cool 3-in-1 coat from the Children's Place. We've been using the fleece part so far, and it was perfect for this fall afternoon. She had a great time crawling all over the park and watching the boys run.
I just like this picture. I'm not sure why. It just shows that boys like to run I guess. They both wanted me to "get" them. Carter looked funny clomping around in those boots. He loves them.
This picture is so cute. Uncle Phil dropped off some party mix from Grandma Bonnie when he and Mary Jo were in town on Saturday. Carter wanted to eat all the pretzels. They just looked funny in his little room having some snacks together.
The boys were throwing bubbles at Poppa while he was sitting by the bathtub. Then I sat down, and they threw some at me. I didn't care; I was just glad Carter was happy in the bath. He hasn't been a fan lately. I like this rather candid shot!
Lando woke up from a nap and had some of the coolest hair I've ever seen. I still can't believe how fast his hair grows! I think every hair that could stick up was sticking up!
They've been kind of playing together lately which is nice. Carter was making me a sandwich in his kitchen when Ave decided to help. She thinks she is so big. She keeps standing up on her own and just standing there. She has pretty good balance.
My little man found his Halloween costume. We decided to make sure it fit. As you can see, he refused to take it off! I had to wait until he fell asleep to get him in pajamas. I would have let him sleep in it, but he had a sweatshirt, sweats, socks, and shoes underneath.
Avery is looking quite devilish here with some cheerios. Carter usually munches on some dry cereal in the morning, and she found it. That girl eats everything! She does have five teeth now, so she's giving them a workout.
He decided to wear his giant Buzz Lightyear gloves with his costume. They look hilarious! He told me with those wings on he could fly like Superman too. I'm glad he likes it. He and Landon (Woody) are going to look so funny together!
See what I mean about them playing together? He even let her play with all his Cars! He's getting to be a much better sharer.
I finally got him to look at me. He's going to make a very handsome Buzz Lightyear!
He was checking out his little Buzz to make sure they were wearing the same thing. I have the purple hood for him, but I think that's not going to happen.
Last Buzz picture, I promise. I couldn't help it - he was just so funny that night. Anyway, when we were at Poppa and Grandma's house, he had to wear these goggles with his costume. Actually, he's worn those goggles every night for the last two weeks. He's kind of odd, but in a good way!
He was all dressed up for senior night at Butte High. Of course, he's wearing his boots though. It looks like he's saying, "Welcome to my room". He does like to open and close the door now. It's a real smile for once!
This is not the best picture, but I had to show her pants. The little turkey found an Oreo on the floor and ate it as fast as she possibly could. I'm so much more lax than I was with Carter! If she finds it, she gets it.
I thought she looked pretty in this purple onesie that Poppa got for her. It says "Being a princess isn't easy" - and she has the phone. She looks so girly!
Here was her senior night outfit. I found her some nice purple plaid pants which were so cute. She wore herself out playing with Grandma as you can see. She's just so busy right now - she can't sit still!

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