Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

The boys took a bath last night at Mom & Dad's house and gave Poppa a good workout afterwards. They did airplane rides up to the ceiling. Here's crazy little Landon.

Here's my little crazy man. It's funny to look at because I remember getting airplane rides when we lived in Lincoln!
Look at that insane little face. Can you tell he was loving every minute it of it? My mom laughed at his skinny little arms too.
Here's Miss Avers enjoying the fun of the laundry basket. It's one of the best toys ever. You can sit in it, push it, and play peek-a-boo!
Carter decided that we were going to make brownies the other night, and he would sleep in the kitchen. He brought his pillows and blankets out there. Ave decided to join him.
His sister decided they needed to share the same pillow (I'm sure she wanted a bite of his cracker too!). They were being so cute. We did make some brownies, but Carter decided the floor was not very soft.
Jordan was showing the boys how she could play Super Mario Brothers on the computer. They thought it was pretty cool. They've always liked Mario and "WeeGee".
He has a very sweet face. I don't get to see it often because he's hardly ever sitting still!
There's my big walking girl! She's starting to really want to walk all over the place. When she falls, she usually gets back up now instead of crawling. She's so big!
Carter took this picture. Not bad. Avers really likes to sit up there in Carter's room and play with puzzles. Isn't that sweater the cutest thing? Auntie Erica gave that to her before she was born!
Carter was showing her who the bad guy was in Kung Fu Panda (Ti Lun, he's a bad leopard!). He really likes that movie. It is a really funny show.
I've been trying to take a good picture of them together for a Christmas card. It hasn't happened yet. If one is cooperating, than the other isn't. Oh well, I've still got this week. It might end up being two seperate pictures! Carter gave me a big smile!
They are my little goofballs. I don't know what's going on here!
They did enjoy playing with this slinky, but it's not a good picture. Kind-of washed out.
Here's a great one! He's hugging her and she's trying to eat his face.
Another winner! Ave looks so silly too! I'm not sure why Carter felt the need to wear his shoe and Kelsie's boot on his hands.
My girl got a hold of her brother's donut the other day. He only ate about a quarter of it, and she finished the rest. As you can tell, it was quite delicious! She's my little piggie.
We had a miserably frigid last week here. It was -40 at night and -10 during the day for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Not fun. Here's my bundled up little man getting ready to go to daycare.
Here's my bundled up little girl in her big warm coat that Grandma got her. She looks pretty comfortable to me!
Here's my silly little guy being a ninja turtle like always. He couldn't find any weapons around so he used a pen. He's Donatello usually. That's his favorite.
Finally, here's my girl giving her Daddy some loves. She is very nice about kisses and hugs. If you tell her something is so soft, she'll lay her head down on it. She's a sweet baby!

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