Monday, December 7, 2009

Quiet week + Party

We had a pretty quiet week. Ave wasn't feeling great for awhile. We did have a fun time at Mason's 1st Birthday Party though! He is a cutie. Here he is clapping with his Mom after Madisyn helped him blow out the candles.
I still can't believe how blonde the two of them are. Madisyn hangs out with Jordan on Mondays when we play volleyball, and that hair reminds me so much of when Jocko was little!
He really enjoyed his cake. It took him awhile to really get into it, but he did! Grandma Janie gave him a bath afterwords.
Carter and Madisyn gave eachother a very big, nice goodbye hug and kiss. So cute! Madisyn even gave him one more before he left. She is too funny!
Avery and Mason did play a little bit together in his room. He had lots of toys for Avers to check out. I loved his sweater!
Ritter thought Mason wasn't feeling great. He wasn't as smiley as usual. He was still a very good boy.
They both did some standing. They will be running around in no time!
Here's Sunday morning at Poppa's house. The boys were jumping up at down while we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear. They still love that book. I love Lando's Jimi Hendrix shirt!
I don't know why I give him toys before Christmas, but he just loves his CARS so much. I got him three of the bad cars that run Mack off the road. He loves them (DJ, Wingo, and Boost). He makes the Sheriff and Doc chase them.
Avery is getting sick of baby food. She spits it out all the time. She wants big girl food, like yummy french toast. She really enjoyed that on Sunday morning!
Avery realized Saturday night that EasyMac is delicious! Carter had left just a little bit in the bottom of the container, and she went crazy for it (as you can tell by that face).
She tried to use a fork, but fingers are so much easier. You can also get a few more noodles jammed into your hand! That was fun to clean.
Here's our Christmas tree this year. I think it turned out rather nice. I know Carter and Avery really love it - that's all that matters!
Carter and Avery had a nice bath together this weekend. Carter had some awesome hair. He was also having a really good time with Thomas and friends!
Avery really enjoys playing with the ducks. Callie got them a policeman and a princess duck. Those are her favorite bath toys.
Kelsie had sort of a mini birthday party at my house on the 3rd. Her (and Terri Jo's) birthdays are the 4th. She was leaving for her cruise in the morning so we had some cake. It was yummy. I only had a two and a one candle though. She's 24 though...ooops.
This was quite funny but extremely messy. I was absolutely soaked. Anyway, we went to Erica's to help her set up her tree. If you can believe it, these three were not so helpful! So, we took a bath. Aren't they cute?
They were all really good. They didn't knock anyone over or anything. I love Avery's serious little face here (while Carter dumps water on her belly) and Lando's silly face!
Carter really enjoyed playing with this train set that Lando got for his birthday from Mom and Dad. It's Mickey Mouse so of course he liked it. He's so funny. He's very good at amusing himself.
Avery kept herself busy learning the alphabet. She's just so smart.
Landon did help a little bit with the tree. He really liked the garland. At one point he just threw a big bunch of it right in the middle of the tree. I told Erica it was very avant garde. Then Kelsie did an awesome Michael Kors impression. Fun stuff!
Just another clapping for herself picture. She loves to clap now. I took her to the Butte High game with me on Friday night, and she was a clapping fool!
This is kind of a silly picture, but he really thought his new Beatles shirt was cool.
This is one messy baby right here. She had a fever for about three days straight - teeth issues. She was still good...just not herself. She even left this Woody hat on for a picture.
They were peeking at their Daddy over the couch. It's a nice shot of their lovely hair. Ave's is coming in nice and fluffy!
Last but not least, a silly girl in goggles. She's always trying to put stuff on her head - especially clothes. I helped her out with these, and she appreciated it. Look at those teeth!

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