Monday, December 21, 2009

The quiet before the storm!

This was kind of a quiet week for us. That's probably good because this week will be crazy-like holidays should be! Avery just discovered she could rip the bows off presents! Here's my girl taking a bath. She's so silly in there.
Speaking of crazy, there's my little splashing boy. He was absolutely soaking Aunt Kelsie. I think his goal was to actually make her get in the tub!
We made pastys yesterday. They were absolutely delicious like always. Kelsie was going to put this on Facebook to make Joe jealous. Sorry Joe. That's just cruel.
We had to take a time out to feed my babies. Avery was trying to love her brother, and he was having none of it. Kyle took them home for naps right after.
Here's my girl playing with some cars. Carter usually gives her Fillmore (the van), but he actually let her play with a couple newer ones. It's hilarious when she tries to drive them and say vroom, vroom.
On Saturday, we took the boys and Avery to the Y. They had the best time. We were there for about an hour and a half. There was no crying, whining...just fun. What a good day!
I took a couple pictures right when we got in the pool. Then we just swam and swam. Avery was the best girl. She grinned the whole time. She splashed, she kicked, she tried to make us let go of her so she could walk on her own, she gave the lifeguards some silly smiles...she just loved it!
Here's the Kelsie-shark coming to get the boys. Landon enjoyed attacking the Kelsie-shark when it got too close. It's so nice to have her here!
Here's Carter going down the frog slide. As you can tell, he also had a great time. He wore himself out too. He ate a whole taco afterwards and then passed out!
There's the Landoman on the slide. He also had a marvelous time. He was splashing and swimming like a little maniac. He also took a good nap (which is kind of rare for him lately)!
I love this picture. This was in the locker room before we got in the pool. They were ready to go! I just love the boys in their CARS shorts surrounding my little baby in her beautiful swimsuit from Terr and the girls.
We had their daycare Christmas party at the Depot on Thursday night. It was very cute...and very busy. Santa came, and everyone brought some food to share. The boys and Avery really enjoyed this train and some cookies.
These two cut in line to get on Santa's lap. It was kind of embarrassing, but everyone just laughed. One minute they were looking at the train, the next minute they were on Santa's lap. They each got a car from him so they were happy. Avery had just woken up and when I tried to put her on Santa's lap she screamed and screamed!
They were enthralled by this train. It kept them busy so the rest of us could eat. All in all a good time. Many, many more pictures to come next Monday. I can't wait!

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