Monday, December 28, 2009

What a great Christmas!

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas in Sunburst - hope everyone had a great one! We all got spoiled by the presents, food, and company. Thanks to everyone involved again! Here are my gorgeous kids in their Christmas clothes. Grandma Diana picked out some perfect outfits.
I love this picture. Avery was pretty good about not being shy. She hung out with "Auntie Callie" a few times. She just looks so silly in this picture with only two of her six teeth showing!
We managed to get a couple family pictures. Kind of rare since Kyle or I usually have the camera. My kids could eat Grandma Bonnie's party mix every day. It's a favorite.
I know Carter's not looking in this one, but it makes me laugh. Avery was trying her hardest to say "cheese" like her brother. She was close - it was an "eee" sound! I can tell by her little face!
He is looking very male model in this picture. You can't deny that he's a handsome fella!
Carter was absolutely in heaven with all the puppy kisses. He just really loves animals. It worked out well because if there ever was a dog who liked to give kisses, it's Josie!
Diana said she couldn't resist this hat. I completely understand. Ave looked like a little Russian doll in it. So beautiful!
We're going to have to try to wear this dress again. It was just too lovely. I think Avers knew she was looking good. She kind of danced a couple times to watch the skirt swish around her!
I think Carter couldn't have had a better day. He got to play in lots of snow, get tons of new awesome stuff, hang out with five dogs, and let his buddy Nate help him see Lucky!
Carter was very funny with Nate. On Christmas night, Carter touched his chin and said, "I need to ask Nate a question." The question was "Are you a gray wolfie?". He's so silly. That's from his favorite new movie, The Flight Before Christmas.
Carter, of course, had to say hello to some cows too. He was very worried about them sleeping outside in the dark.
There was so much snow at the farm! That was awesome because Butte's dry as a bone. Carter and Laney had a fabulous time playing in it. Kyle told me Carter kept sinking in and saying, "Help me Daddy!".
Fancy is the best dog. She loves little kids. Avery kept walking by and patting her, and she was just so good. Carter was even counting her paws at one point. He enjoyed a big German Shepherd kiss!
There's the Jos getting him again. I always love to see Josie. I have fond memories of trying to cut her hair and giving her baths in Butte when she was just a puppy!
Here's my little girl with her toy from Santa. Carter had one of these when he turned one, and he loved it! What little kid doesn't like to hammer stuff?
This is my Carterman with perhaps, the greatest present he will ever receive. He got a Donatello kit. He was officially the happiest boy ever.
This is what we've watched for 3 days now. Carter with his bo practicing his ninja turtle moves. He taught Avery to put her hand in the air when he says, "Cowabunga!".
Little Kaden is such a good baby. He let everyone hold him. He just makes nice little noises and looks around at everyone. He's a cutie.
Colty and Breanne had also watched "The Flight Before Christmas" when it was on CBS after Rudolph so they knew the story. I like this cute picture of Carter and Colten watching it together. Carter kept looking at him to make sure they were sitting the same way.
Here's my handsome guy on Christmas Eve. Kyle saw this argyle sweater when we were at the Children's Place and couldn't resist it. It was quite smashing on him.
Here's my baby girl in her Christmas Eve outfit from my mom. She looks good in red luckily. She ended up taking off her shoes, but they were so cute too.
This was on the 23rd. Kyle was making Carter give Avery kisses before they could play. They just look so silly.
She's so goofy. I love her little crinkly nose face that she makes when she's being funny. She was giggling like crazy when Carter was hanging upside down by her!
Here's the side view of her hilarious little Grinch outfit. My mom couldn't help but buy it for her. Those buttons on the side of those leggings killed me. I was calling her "Avery Lou Who" that night.
She's such a good baby. She just makes everybody laugh everyday. She's getting to be quite a little imitator. If you laugh, she does. Same with fake coughing and crying!
These boys are so funny. They were wearing Mom's flashing snowflake necklace together and walking around the house to show everyone. I was surprised how careful they were to stay pretty close so neither one choked!
And last but not least...Ave on "her chair". She absolutely loves this lawn chair that Dad brought in for her. She likes to sit in it and stretch out, or just bounce. She's one happy baby. So I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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