Monday, January 4, 2010

My Girl is 1! Biggest post ever!

My little girl is 1! I can't believe it's been a year. Here she is after cake-eating with her brother. He was giving her a birthday kiss. He had a fun time also!
This was so funny. Landon was telling Austin that Santa was coming. Austin in his funny, raspy voice said, "Santa already commed!". They are hilarious!
Reese came to the party, and she was quite funny (and not shy). Here she is dancing with Abbey!
Here's a big bunch of cake eating pictures. I can't help it. She was so funny. Here she is quenching her thirst after all that sugar.
This one is my favorite. It's like she knows she'll never get away with this mess again!
This was the first bite. She was picking all the sprinkles off the top very delicately.
As you can see, the daintiness didn't last long. She was a crazy girl. She kept rubbing cake on her head because it made people laugh harder!
These are kind of out of order, but you get the gist of it. She enjoyed her cake immensely!
Here she is checking out her little girl cars that Nicole and the boys got her. They are so cute. She drove them around last night and tried to say vroom!
There's my silly little Lando peeking out of the train. Erica got this cute picture of him. He was in a great mood. He even rode some of the rides!
They are best friends! I promise that Erica and I don't dress them alike on purpose. Erica walked in, saw Carter, and said "Oh my God, Landon is wearing the same shirt". That's okay. The boys thought it was pretty funny.
Her cake turned out quite lovely. She has a Nemo book and Nemo bath toy she likes, so that's what we picked.
She was actually quite good opening her presents. She sat with me and checked everything out. Connor kept her entertained too. He kept telling me that babies are so funny. He's such a good kid.
Landon and Carter had a great time playing air hockey. I think they ended up tying. They did a pretty good job though!
There's my beautiful girl and Abbey on the carousel. I was a little worried since Ave didn't nap before the party, but she managed to have a great time.
There's Jordan and Avers. Avery just lights up when she sees those girls and Terr. They are her buddies.
Connor and Austin were being Mario and Luigi when they got there. Luckily little Italians like pizza!
Avery enjoys her big girl food. At her 1 year appointment she was tall (29 inches, 50 to 75%ile) and skinny (17.10 lbs, 5 to 10%ile). I guess she runs it all off!
This is one of her birthday presents from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness, who had a nice visit with us this weekend. She absolutely loves her little Princess ride-on toy! She and Carter fight over it.
She wore these cute purple panda jammas all day on her birthday. What could be better than lounging around in pjs, eating scrambled eggs, and being sung to by Carter?
I love how well they are starting to get along. Carter kept telling Avery to get on my bed with him so they could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together. It lasted about two minutes before the jumping commenced!
I had to get a picture of this cute outfit Aunt Diane got her for Christmas. It was a lovely little reminder for my New Year's baby!
Here's Carterman having a piece of my birthday cake. 29 - wow. I love when he puts a million candles in one piece.
My friend Dana was in town from Kalispell with her family, so Ritter came over too. We've been friends for over ten years, and it's so fun to see our kids play together. We've got Ritter and her blondes (Mason and Madisyn), Me and my brunettes (Carter and Avery), and Dana and her redheads (Jada and Madelyn). Wow!
Madelyn is so cute! She was hilarious too. She played with everyone and everything. Here she is peeking at me from under Ritter's legs.
Here's Carter and his lady friends having some pizza at his picnic table. They were all so silly.
There's the little babies. They got along quite well. They played with balloons and sat on the inflatable chair together. I'm pretty sure Mason tried to kiss her too!
The night before Kels left we had tacos and game night at my house. It was quite fun. We miss her already...especially my Carterman. He's hollered upstairs for her a couple times to come play ninja turtles. It was so nice to have her here.
Avery loves books. I catch her reading them by herself all the time. She's so smart.
Carter has been loving all his toys he got for Christmas. He plays with everything. He's playing with his Mickey Mouse cars from Mom and Dad here.
Avers was passed out on Auntie Kelsie here. She's been a tired girl lately. She's got some big teeth coming in.
Last but not least, Landon got the funniest little shave kit from our cousin Kathi's family. Abbey, Avery, and Kelsie decided to try on some of the mustaches! Well, my huge post is done. Hope everyone had a great New Years. I know we did!

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