Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goofy kids

Jordan gave Avery a bath for me while I was being a bum and watching the Golden Globes. Little cousins are the best! She found this hilarious robe in with the towels. It looked so funny because it just barely covered Ave's butt.
There's the front view. We couldn't stop laughing at it. She just looks so cute! What a body!
Abbey Jean turned 14 on the 13th if you can believe that! We didn't have her celebration until Sunday because of dance. Here's Carter helping her with the candles. He just loves singing "Happy Birthday" and eating cake!
Abbey's an ice cream cake kind of girl. We were running low on candles, so we have 12 sparkler candles and a big #2. Whatever works!
This blog is filled with goofy girl faces. She is so silly. She hides from people, she holds something out to you and then runs away laughing, and she loves the sound of her voice! She's crazy!
Sleeping baby and sleeping Daddy - this happens a lot!
Carter has been big into peanut butter spoons lately. Dr. Graham said that's great - maybe he'll put some weight on his skinny little frame! Landon surprised us all and ate one too. He usually only eats the jelly half of his pb & j.
The boys enjoy hiding under the cupboard in the purple room. They find themselves quite amusing.
Carter really likes to squeeze his sister! Sometimes it's more of a tackle, but this was pretty nice. Jordan got this picture for me. Carter had some crazy hair...he fell asleep with his hat on his wet hair after swimming.
Another locker room picture at the Y. These lockers keep them entertained while everyone gets dressed. It works out well.
Daddy came swimming with us this time. We don't have many pictures because there were three adults for the three babies. Avery was saying Ba-Ba! She was ready for her afternoon nap.
I gave Dad a haircut the night before the Butte High/Butte Central game. Carter pretty much rubbed Poppa's head the whole boys' game.
There's Landon cheering at the games. They were both great games. Unfortunately the girls lost, but the boys won in double overtime. The kids were so good too. We were there for over three hours!
Poppa gave the boys a bath some day last week. He put about eight pounds of bubble bath in. Carter told me "Don't do that, Mommy" after I put some bubbles on his head. I just can tell that's what he's saying here.
Avery managed to get in there too. Poppa can't say no, and she really wanted in. Landon and Carter enjoyed splashing her and covering her in bubbles. She's going to be a tough little girl with those two around.
We had a night of craziness this week. My kids just wanted to play and play and play. Here's Carter crawling after Avery into their barn tent. They love it Callie!
This busy-ball popper that Grandma Patsy picked out is a huge hit. They go crazy trying to catch the balls! Avery likes to put her mouth over it so she can feel the air shooting up. She's a nut!
There's my girl peeking out at me. This is probably the most natural smile of the whole post!
Carter likes to run around it and hit the balls with his hands when they shoot up. It's quite entertaining. I just sit there at watch them be little spazzes!
Carter and Avery are both snackers. They always need something to munch on. It's usually cereal for Avery (Froot Loops and Cheerios) and Wheat Thins for Carter.
Landon saw the Princess and the Frog in the theatre. He always brings this book with him now in his backpack. Poppa and Grandma read it to them many times that day.
Avery got some of the cutest clothes for Christmas. I love this shirt and polka dot pants from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. She's a little fashion plate at daycare!
Another goofy face! She figured out where her teeth, tongue, and lips are. This is her showing me her tongue. She's a smart little girl.
Abbey's friend's Mom made the boys the funniest little ninja turtle hats. They don't really cover their ears, but that makes them even more hilarious. Carter has barely taken his off since he got it. Donatello is his favorite, so this purple one is the best thing ever!
Donatello and Raphael were saying "Cowabunga" for me. They look so cute together. We've received many compliments on those hats when they are out and about.

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