Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow finally!

Yesterday was the most perfect sledding day I've ever seen. It was gorgeous out. Erica and I took the boys to Clarks Park and had a great time. Here's a picture of the moms squinting in the sun.
After they went sledding for awhile, we moved on to the rest of the park. It's so funny to see that poor horse in all that snow.
They also did some swinging. They looked so cute all bundled up trudging through that snow.
Landon didn't have time to look at the camera. There was just too much fun stuff to do.
You can always tell when my little man is saying cheese! I look like a conehead (from France!) but oh well.
There they are getting ready to go down the hill again. We had such a good time. They are funny little boys.
Landon had lots of fun on these little saucer sleds. He turned in circles all the way down the hill!
Erica and Landon ended up going down the hill backwards on this one!
Erica and Lando were getting ready to race down the hill on their saucers. I think it ended up a tie.
Carter never wanted to go by himself, which is odd. He is usually such a daredevil. We went down many times together though on the purple sled. Good times!
Poppa gave them a little test drive through the front yard before we headed to the park. Everything was looking good!
This is one of Avery's better looks right here. She has a bit of chocolate donut on her face. Also, this is the face she makes when we tell her to say cheese now. I don't know where she got it from. She makes it until everyone laughs at her. Then she does a real smile. She just think she's so funny...and she is!
I think Carter was telling Ave she couldn't go because she didn't have boots. She was just so tired though (she's getting some big teeth in the back). I don't think she could have lasted outside as long as the boys either.
We went to the basketball game on Saturday up at Butte High. Avery was hilarious. She danced, she made friends with lots of junior high girls sitting by us, she talked to the bulldog mascot, and she got to carry around a basketball. What could be better?
This picture kills me. They've been playing a game lately where I cover them up with pillows and then they bust out of them. It makes them smile a lot! They just look so cute here. Avery looks like she has no teeth, but that's okay. I just love when they are all playing together.
Another Saturday at the Y. This has become our go-to activity on the weekends. They enjoy it so much, and it wears them out for naptime. Then we can actually clean a little bit!
Avery often wants to just walk on her own in the water. Auntie Erica kept a good hold on her though. She thinks she's really big.
They were ready to go. They have to patient waiting for all of us (Erica, Jordan, Avery, and me) to get everything put away in lockers and such. I like Carter's hands on his hips - really shows his muscles!
My baby girl has discovered the joy of the lockers also. It's a very good distraction!
Carter was making sure he had all 6 Lightning McQueen's before we headed over to Poppa's house. This carrying case from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness has been quite handy!
Carter is so funny. He had all these farm toys out the other night. He told me that this was Phil and Lucky working on the farm. I like how they are riding in the cab together. I thought our Sunburst fam would get a kick out of that!
I couldn't resist this shirt when I saw it. It's so perfect for him. He was practicing singing "Happy Birthday to you Callie!" before we called her. He's quite the singer.
There's Mom and Dad's absolutely dry front yard before all the snow came. The boys were fighting imaginary bad guys with sticks after daycare of course!
Ave loved being outside! Her coat is still a little too big, but it didn't slow her down. She had a great time exploring. She gave her puppy dog some really nice pets too.
This is such a good picture of my boy. He's quite handsome. He was asking if he could get naked - that's why he looks so sweet. He loves to run around naked.
I absolutely love this jacket from Auntie Kelsie. He thought he looked really good in it too! He told Kyle in the morning it had to be zipped up to the very top!
Avery got some of the cutest jeans I've ever seen for Christmas from Grandpa and Grandma Barsness. They are so funny. These ones have little bows on the pockets. I don't know if you can tell, but my girl had a little bloody nose here. She fell into the fridge trying to get yogurt. She's a ball of bruises because she tries to keep up with the boys.
Last but not least, there's the dreaded fridge. She actually loves the fridge. She plays with these animal magnets all the time. She's getting very good at roaring like a lion and picking out the dog. Until next time - that was a big post!

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