Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to their normal selves again!

We started open gym volleyball last week. My kids love it! They just run and run for an hour and a half. When it's over they get a ride on the volleyball rack from Poppa!
Geah's little girl Reece thinks Carter is the coolest kid around. She really likes to follow him, sit like him, run like him. She's so cute.
Avery really likes multigrain Cheerios. She likes them so much she decided to dump the entire box out onto the kitchen table. Look at that face - she thinks she's hilarious!
Butte High rescheduled a double header for Monday. We managed to catch the second game - they won both! Carter had a great time hanging out with Leena's dog Timber. She's a really good dog.
Landon has become obsessed with the color red. Seriously obsessed. He loves it. I think that's why he's been into Raphael again lately. He even found the hat!
This picture makes me laugh. Why wouldn't you go down the slide with a stick? His little body got thrown around pretty good by those crazy slides. He loved it!
Avery did eventually go down the slide a million times, but at first she was quite content just playing with rocks. She loves being outside.
Kelsie's awesome boyfriend Joe dug into his Turtle collection and sent the kids a bunch of totally tubular (turtle reference) action figures. Carter was trying to get some of them to stand up on the table. Thanks Joe - they really, really love them!
This is how Carter felt about them...thumbs up!
Avery, Carter, and I watched Toy Story 2 the other night. Carter and Avery really loved it. Ave now has to wear Landon's Woody hat everytime she goes over to Grandma and Poppa's house.
What a physical specimen! You can always tell right after she's just eaten - my girl gets a big, full belly! One of Carter's favorite episodes is on in the background too, when Shredder makes an Erma robot. Classic.
Every year my buddy Ritter has a Cinco de Mayo party - this year, it was technically Ocho de Mayo. It was a lot of fun though. It always is!
Leena and Erica came out with me this year. They had a great time. I'm pretty sure their favorite part was the rented Margherita machine! Carter and Avery got squirtguns in the goodie bags from Reece's birthday party last weekend. They have made bath time an absolute joy for Carter. He always liked the bath, but now he really likes the bath. He and Daddy just completely soak eachother.
We really like Kyle's new work schedule. Instead of 4 to midnight, he's working noon to 8. He gets to be home for bath time now. As you can see, Ave is happy to see him!
Another super cute new swimsuit for Avery - my mom cannot help herself! We had a really good time swimming on Saturday. It was not that packed, and my kids had a ton of fun. We love swimming!
How cute is this? She brought her Grandpa and Me book in for Poppa to read to her. She loves that book because they make pizza in it!
Another out of order bath picture. She is one happy little girl!
This is the kids saying thanks to Joe and Kelsie for sending down the Ninja Turtles. Hopefully it works. You Tube was being weird.

Here's a bath video. Avery has a song she made up, we call it "Apple Apple Staaaaayyyy". She wouldn't sing it though so Carter did. I love how she whips around to look at him. She also makes her Zoolander face. You'll see. It's so funny!

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