Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snow in May...of course

My girl is a goofball. She found this huge purple rubber band and really wanted to wear it. Mom got some better pictures with her camera. It made all her little curls in the back look fantastic!
We had a huge snowfall Saturday night. It was close to a foot. It was perfect snowball snow too...so Sunday morning we had a big snowball fight before it all melted. Jordan and Kyle against me and Abbey. I don't think there was a winner. We were all soaking wet. Poor Abb had snow stuck in her braces! Avery tried her best to stay out of the line of fire (she looked so cute in her outfit from Nicole and the boys).
Carter threw snowballs at everyone. He loved it! Afterwards (you can tell his pants are dripping wet), we settled down for some treats. Carter enjoyed a delicious Huckleberry smoothie.
Saturday night after dinner at Sparkie's (yum!) we played in the snow for awhile. It was coming down in huge flakes. Poor Jordan, in her cute new black skirt, got soaked by Big Kyle. Snowball fights really bring out the little kid in him.
I love this picture! How cute! Look at Carter's happy little face. Only Kyle would be in shorts too.
I think these pictures are so cool. They turned out really well on my little camera. I love the dark sky and the giant snowflakes falling down in front of the lens. So fun!
My Boo-Boo came out for awhile too. I found a way too big hat for her to wear. They're such good babies.
She wasn't too sure about this snow. She didn't want to wear gloves so we didn't last too long out there. Her little hands were cold. She can't miss out on anything Carter's doing though!
Aunt Diane came in for the weekend, and we had a blast! We went to the Pizza Parlor, swam at the Y, played Pinocle, and had our usual delicious Sunday breakfast. My kids were great with her too - Ave wanted her, not me so I took a picture. We will for sure be heading up to Kalispell this summer to visit more!
A very cute picture of Abbey and the boys on the carousel. Poor Abb and Jord chased those kids all over the Pizza Parlor. It was absolutely insane there!
We are never going to have a perfect picture of all three of them, but they're so cute. Avery can't go anywhere without a piece of "pizzi" with her!
This is a really cute picture of the Landoman! Kyle and I gave him a haircut Sunday night. I didn't have any of those pictures to put up yet. It will grow back in a month no doubt!
Avery likes nothing more than to be pantsless. She had the worst diaper rash so I let her. This unfortunately leads to catastrophe! The poor thing is getting four big teeth, and it's not helping her little bum!
This is Carter's insane soup face. We decided to try that soup-on-the-go stuff, and it was a big hit. He kept saying "I just drink it?".
Our weather here is so weird. Monday was terrible. Tuesday was nice, with a little rain. Carter looked awesome in these shorts from Grandma. I hope he gets to wear them again soon!
Avers busted out some capris too. I'm glad this little green jacket still fits her. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! I'm hoping to plant some flowers. We'll see how that goes!

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