Monday, May 3, 2010

Sad little boy week

We had a rough week around the Barsness house. My boy got the stomach flu, lost 3 pounds, and eventually (Thursday night) had to go to the ER and get 750 ml of IV fluids. It was so sad to see my tiny boy so sick. Luckily the fluids did the trick, and he's been eating enough the last couple days to make up for those 5 days he was sick! He even felt well enough for some swimming in his new "mean cars" shorts! Can you tell Lando was saying "cheese!"?
We went to the weight room at Butte High Saturday night. The kids needed to play, and they're really good up there. The wind has been so terrible here that it's impossible to go outside. Here's my big strong guy with some foam weights.
Avery likes to walk around the three rooms and find every Bulldog in the place. She's a silly girl.
Carter really wanted to turn on the treadmill. We did let them walk on it a little bit later. He thought maybe if he lifted Avery up, she could turn it on!
More big strong guy pictures. I'm just so happy he's feeling better. I felt so horrible for him when he was sick.
Avery got pretty worn out up there. She decided to lay down next to Daddy while he did some sit-ups. She's pretty cuddly when she's tired!
This is not the best picture, but this is Reece. She's Geah's little girl who turned 2 on Saturday. She had a great birthday party at Silver Bow. Carter, Avery, and Landon have been spoiled lately. We've gone to the Pizza Parlor 3 times in the last three weeks.
This is so dark, but I thought it was cute. Avery was playing with Grandma's earrings. She's very gentle thank goodness!
My little racecar driving girl. She looks so goofy here with her little pizza face!
She really enjoyed the carousel. She wouldn't let go of her pizza of course so I helped steady her while she ate. She's starting to talk so much. She kept saying "Oooh, pizzi"!
There's my happy little man on the carousel. He had lots of fun at the party - he always does.
Lando-man also had lots of fun on the carousel. He loves these red horses (red for Raphael of course)! He rode some other rides too. He's starting to try more things! Yay!
Friday night was a good one. I was so happy to have my smiling, goofy little man back. I can't even explain how sick he was. He barely spoke or moved for about three days. Anyway, he was being funny with Avery too. He wanted her to follow him and hide from Daddy!
The best place to hide was apparently under the kitchen table. They thought they were really hilarious when they scared Daddy!
I love that they get along so well right now. It's not all the time of course, but it's about 90% of the time. Here they are having some breakfast together Saturday morning. Carter loves a good cup of hot cocoa.
This picture just makes me laugh! Carter was making blue guy "get" Poppa. Those are his knees in the picture.
One night when Carter was taking a little nap, Avery was being very silly with my winter hat. Look at that face! I'm still not sure how she and I didn't get this stomach bug, but I'm knocking on wood that everything stays that way!
She's a beautiful little baby isn't she? I suppose I might be a little biased!
Laney got pretty tired with us being home all last week. Avery tried to throw her toy for her but ended up just laying it on her. She's a good puppy - she loves my babies.
That's a sweet underbite Avers! She makes the silliest faces. Her teachers at daycare told me she has quite the personality. You can always tell what she's thinking!

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