Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yay! It works!

Erica's internet worked today. Yay! Here is Avery helping my Dad re-seed one side of his front yard. The two boys didn't feel like going outside that day, and Ave was outside all day!
Dad took Avers for a bike ride around the block on Sunday night. It was a little damp but finally not raining! I like the rain, and it's making everything nice and green. It's not very good for getting the kids outside to waste some energy though.
Carter got to ride his bike all over too. That always makes him happy. He always goes the opposite way of everybody else so he can crash into Landon!
You never know what might come after you before bed. Carter likes to be prepared!
He lost his Iron Man Rocket behind the TV and we were all looking for it. He decided to borrow Grandma's glasses. He thought they would help...and they did! He found it right after...what a clown!
We made a little trip to McDonald's last week, just me and my babies. It went very well though. They were good kids and ate lots of food. Ave loves to dip her chicken nuggets!
I set up a pretty sweet track for Carter to run his trains on last week. He was very serious at first. Every once in awhile he's in the mood for Thomas and Friends.
Then he wasn't so serious anymore! He's such a goofball it makes me laugh.
I like these crazy pictures of them together. Ave just loves her big brother. Can't you see the worship in that face?
She has been doing big wrinkly nose grins lately! They kill me. I think every kid goes through this crazy smile phase.
Ave wore this cute outfit that used to be Abbey and Jordan's when they were little. My mom bought it for baby Abbey so she had some purple for my Butte High Games. It's just as cute as ever!
I'm not really a Weber State fan, but an old volleyball player for me plays basketball there now. She is so nice and just loves seeing Carter. She (Joey O'Neill) bought this for him when he was just a baby. 3T was the smallest size they had, and he finally fits in it.
Dad had all his track distance runners over for dinner last week. He and Carter made some delicious spaghetti sauce together. Dad's wearing one of my favorite shirts that I got him. It has a "yearbook" picture of Robert E. Lee and it says, "Most Likely to Secede". Ha Ha!
My Boo Boo has her first set of pigtails! I can't believe she has enough hair. One of the girls at daycare is really good at fixing hair, and Erica asked if she could get Avery's hair in some pigtails. She did an awesome job! Ave kept touching them and saying "Pretty".
The side view - so cute! It makes me feel like she's getting so big! Her little curls are perfect for pigtails. There is still no hair in the front though!
Another one of those candid pictures of the babies. They love a good bath!
Carterman used his Spiderman kickboard and soaked his Dad! Luckily Daddy had to admit it was a good one! They are both laughing so hard!

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