Monday, June 28, 2010

2 Weeker

Let me just say I'm an idiot and was plugging the camera into the wrong computer tower. My parents have the old and the new one out right that's why this is a week late. Anyway, we had a lot of fun last week. Carl and Jenny were in and as usual we had a good time (game night especially!). See you guys in September!
Saturday was the first annual Pig Bowl. It was a huge success! It was a full contact football game between the Police and the CCCS employees. All proceeds were split between Mariah's Challenge and Special Olympics. They thought they made about $12,000. There was a great crowd and perfect weather. The police lost 14-20, but it was an awesome game. Kyle was kind of in charge of the whole thing, and I was really proud of him.
Carter was a good boy at the game. That's a long time for a 3 year old to sit fairly still. He enjoyed using my raffle tickets as a rope.
Here's Ave copying Landon as usual. He was doing his dance. We had a great crowd there to support Kyle: Me, Ave, Carter, Mom, Dad, Landon, Grandma Diana, Grandpa Dick, Carl, Jenny, Abb, Jord, and Ken. Thanks everyone!
I have a lot of pictures of these two together this time. They are good buddies. Carter is an awesome big brother, and Avery idolizes him. I love this picture!
Abb and Jord babysat for us on Friday since Kyle worked early. My dad took the boys to the mountains (where Carter peed on a rock - can't stop talking about it), so they just had Ave. She wore herself out getting all that attention!
She loves a good pair of sunglasses. She got these for Valentine's day at daycare this year.
She always wants to be by him. They were looking pretty nice in their red pajamas too!
This might be the cheesiest face I've ever seen from her! It makes me laugh everytime I see it.
I just thought Carter looked super handsome in this outfit. I told him he had the same shorts as Daddy, and he said, "No, I match Daddy." Sometimes Moms are not the brightest.
Erica and my brother Kyle went up to Alaska for a week to visit Kelsie. I'm jealous, but I hope they're having fun. This was the first night they left. This is how Landon fell asleep on Mom. I love the leg up in the air!
It's so nice to see my kids in summery clothes finally! As I'm typing this it's a gorgeous 85 outside - wish I was out there. I found this little shorts outfit at Old Navy. Look at those legs!
While the grownups had game night with Carl and Jenny, the kids got to go see Toy Story 3 at the drive-in with Terr, Abb, and Jord. Those guys are the best. They said the kids and the movie were great! Here's the passed out boys on the way back - Ave was out too.
I think we finally have our Carterman potty-trained (knock on wood)! We've had to bribe him with some cool toys, like this watergun but honestly I don't care. It's worth it to me to not have to change his diapers anymore. What a big boy!
He was sharing his red slushie with Avery the other night. Slushies are his favorite thing to get from DQ. They are huge though, so he always shares.
We made a trip up to St. James' new playground last weekend. It really is awesome! They did such a good job on it. They've got some cool stuff I haven't seen at other parks also.
Ave giving her brother some kisses - I hope this buddy thing lasts!
One of Avery's many fantastic naked dances. She's quite graceful! I love when she yells, "I naked!".
Another St. James picture - Abb and Ave doing some swinging. I'm not sure how it got down here, but that's okay.
Another one of Carter's potty gifts. A new Iron Man hand. He loves this thing. It talks, lights up, and shoots rockets. What could be better?
We found out the Jump-a-Roo is open Wednesday nights. We went out on a rainy Wednesday, and it was pretty nice. Not too crazy, unlike the boys. Landon kept waiting at the bottom so Carter would crash into him.
The boys also got to play some air hockey with Jordan. I don't how they managed to not smash their fingers, but I'm glad they didn't!
Avery decided that Abb and Jord could help her up the stairs, but she was going down by herself. She had to go down on her belly like the boys too!
Carter's been asking us if we all want to sleep on his bed. It's not quite big enough for us all, but it's perfect for him and Ave to watch a movie together!
We've had a ton of rain this year, which I don't mind. If it keeps away the forest fires that would be awesome. Plus, it gives Carter an excuse to use his Lightning McQueen umbrella.

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