Thursday, June 17, 2010

Late, but Large Post

Sorry, everyone. It has been a hectic week with volleyball camp. Our internet was down at work too, and we wouldn't want me doing the blog entirely on my own time! Anyway, here is Landon at the hospital on Sunday. Erica, Abb, Jord, Landon, and Avery (Carter went to the dump with Dad and Kyle) made a trip up there to see the new playground. They said it was really nice. Here's Landon pretending to work at Terri's desk. Very professional.
The old playground was made out of wood and metal...not the safest thing for kids. This is definitely an improvement!
There's my girl doing what she does best...making a mess. I love the dirt reflected back on her head!
Avery really wants to be just like Landon. Here they are showing off their balloons from Josh's party together. They are so funny.
We went to Josh's 4th Birthday over in Bozeman on Saturday. I can't believe he's 4! We had a lot of fun on our little trip. After the fun party, we went over to the dinosaur park. That is honestly one of the coolest places. The kids played for about two hours there. This is Lando's dinosaur face.
My boy in the big tire. He's so cute. I didn't get many pictures of him and Landon because all they did was run!
My Avers had the best time. There is a section just for babies, and she loved it. You can tell from the sky it wasn't sunny, but it was pleasant. I'm actually glad it wasn't perfect or a million kids would have been there!
There she is digging for dinosaur bones. She was by far the dirtiest out of the three kids. She had sand everywhere!
She started off crawling through the tunnels until she realized she was small enough to walk through. She kept peeking around and saying, "I see you"!
The kids had a good time playing in Kathi and Mike's yard too. Carter loved this Diego jeep. Luke was trying to help push him - he's a cutie!
Avery didn't stop for one second that entire day unless it was to eat! She did a great job mowing the lawn.
There's the birthday boy with one of his many dinosaur presents. He was very polite and loved everything! It was a fun party!
Avery found an Iron Man light just like Carter's in Josh and Luke's playroom. She, of course, had to wear it!
Abbey and Jordan came down with us for the party. They both looked very nice and were big helps as usual. Abbey did a great job putting Ave's hair in pigtails.
Avery and Jordan shared a piece of IronMan cake. As you can see, Ave was not taking her eyes off of it!
Luke is a very good baby. He's got the biggest brown eyes - I love them.
I bought Carter and Landon some paint books the other day at Hastings. They loved them. In fact, Erica bought more paint for them at KMart the other day. Carter picked CARS.
Lando found a Nemo book. They both did a fine job painting. Not too messy and very colorful!
Erica is going to put Landon in tumbling next year at Abb and Jord's dance school. I think he'll be awesome. He's always bouncing and flipping he can almost do a bridge!
Avery has always been very nice about sharing her cheesesticks with Laney. Just one of the reasons Lane loves her so much!
Avery has been a coloring fool lately. She loves it! Sometimes it's tiring though - just gotta take a small break.
I love when I pick her up from daycare. I never know what her hair is going to look like. She had excellent curls in her pigtails the other day!
This is Carter's usual bed time look. He's flying if you can't tell!
Avery makes the best faces. She's just the most animated baby - you always know what she's thinking! I'm pretty sure she was deciding to splash me again here!
Avery is quite the dancer. Abbey and Jordan already taught her "the needle". She does this all the time now!
Avery also really likes to play with Abbey's hair now. Abbey has so much hair, she can play for a long time!
Carter's hair got very wet at daycare the other day, and Erica put it in an awesome mohawk. It fell a bit by the time I picked him up, but it was still pretty cool. He loves to stand in this tree at Poppa's house!
Avery had a ponytail on the very top of her head. She looked like Cindy-Lou Who! She and Landon had a good time drawing, and of course, Ave had "lellow". They're pals now.
They just love being outside. Unfortunately, it's been a rainy week around here. Hope you enjoyed the big bunch of pictures finally!

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