Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scary day

We had a very scary Sunday night. Avery woke up from a nap, had a scrambled egg, and was coloring just as happy as can be when she suddenly starting shivering. I picked her up and was rubbing her back when Terri noticed her hands were turning purple. We put her in the carseat and got up to the ER as fast as we could. Her color was better by the time we got there, but she had a high fever,104 degrees. She apparently had an ear infection that we did not know about, and her body just starting shivering to fight it off. She's never had any ear problems before, and she didn't have trouble sleeping at all! I do not feel like mother of the year right now. She's doing well though and has been hilarious. She chased Carter down the hall with swords Sunday night when we came home! She stayed up and played with us last night for a long time. She kept making Daddy lay down on his pillows!
Carter fell asleep at 9 which happens about once a year, so Ave got to play with us all night. She was being so silly. We read books, she sang wheels on the bus, and she went back and forth between us squeezing our cheeks. We just love our baby girl so much!
Landon came over yesterday for awhile. He borrowed Carter's Iron Man Arc Light and one of his many swords (it's in the back of his shirt). He also had a popsicle and a bag of goldfish. He's got the life!
We took a walk to Poppa's on Saturday because it was so nice out. There was a nice kitty on A Street that really wanted to be pet. Carter told me it looks like a little lion!
Carter spent the night at Abb and Jord's Friday night. He just really wanted to go, and they said he was a good boy. Apparently he likes this helmet of Jordan's too. He asked if we could stop by on our walk so he could wear it. Looking good!
This was the night we got home from the ER. We put her in some light pajamas, and she just played and played. She loves Carter's little dinosaurs. She loves anything that is in Carter's room!
We went to the Jumparoo place on Saturday. It was lots of fun and much less crowded than last time we went. Landon had been asking Erica all week if they could go out there. Carter and Landon were not nervous at all this time, and Carter really enjoyed going upside down on the slides!
Time for Landoman to come down! The poor thing's shirt kept sticking when he went down on his belly. He looked like he was army crawling!
I love Carter's face in this one! They were so funny out there!
Jordan got in the bouncy house with them and made them fall down. They thought it was hilarious! Carterman went down pretty good here!
She got them again. I wish it wouldn't have cut out Landon's face, but it's still really cute!
Abb helped Ave do some jumping too. Lando's face in this one kills me. We'll have to do that again soon. It's a little break from swimming every Saturday.
As usual, I cut off Abb's head in this one. I got a really great one of her coming up next though. Carter's face was too cute in this!
Abb and all the babies! So so cute!
Thank goodness Abb and Jord were there. Avery thinks she's big enough to do everything the boys do, but she needs a little help. I like her little arms hanging out!
This was the first picture I got of Lando out there. It's kind of blurry, but it's an action shot! He looks like he's having a great time!
My cute kids are starting to really enjoy popsicles. We found some real fruit ones that they love!
I know you can't really tell, but these two goofballs are on one of the treadmills up at Butte High. We put it on it's lowest setting, and they would go down it like a conveyer belt. They have a great time up there!
Ave was trying to carry around a jump rope like Jordan and Abbey. This is such a cute face! I swear her hair is getting lighter too!

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