Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th Everyone!

We went up to Sunburst for a long holiday weekend this year. It was Kyle's all class reunion, and we had a great time! It was so nice to have Kyle's whole family together and see lots of friends. Luckily, my kids were great too. Thank goodness their sinus infections are gone. Here's cute baby Kaden with his Mom, Aly. He's the most laid-back little guy.
We haven't seen Kevin and his wife Marisa for a few years. It was great to visit with them. Diana had some family pictures taken on Sunday out at Bonnie's beautiful house. This is a cute one of Dick, Diana, Chris (in back), Kevin, and Kyle (in front).
We had Colty take a quick one of our little fam too. Ave had just woken up and was not in a smiling mood. Still cute though! For those of you who don't know, we will have an addition to our little family next year. We are due Feb. 6th!
Carterman had a blast at the parade. Callie taught him the "Callie dance", and he did it perfectly!
Carter's favorite part of the parade was the candy! Bre and Colty helped him collect a ton of it, and he ate it all weekend.
Carter absolutely loved this chair at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It has a very nice back massager on there. He and Avery shared the "mashage" as he calls it, but he was in charge of the remote!
Avery was very good with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Marisa. She was a little shy at first, but eventually she was her goofball self. She showed off her animal sounds, she played with their "big giant" German Shepherd, and she danced and ran.
Carter was not shy around anyone. He's such a little clown. He didn't eat as well as usual, but I think he's having a growth spurt. He looked taller when he stood by Landon last night. I love this picture of Marisa, Carter, and Callie - good smiles everyone!
He looked fantastic in Callie's sunglasses. He actually sort of looks like a big bug! He was many different superheroes all weekend. His Flash imitation is the best. He got a Spiderman costume last night for having no accidents at all in Sunburst. He's got this pottying thing down!
Carter absolutely loves his cousin Colty. Colten is great to him too. He gave him piggyback rides and played with him all weekend. This picture is unfortunately very dark, but you can still see how happy he is!
Avers had a dandy time getting thrown in the air by her pal Callie. Callie and Kyle fixed her hair in pigtails on Friday night. She got many compliments on how cute they (and she) were! Fun times!
We actually had two very hot summery days in Butte last week. We got to bust out Ave's first nightgown. She looked gorgeous in it, especially with that ponytail on top of her head! Too bad she's drugged out on Augmentin.
We had to put this up for Auntie Kelsie. She says Carter looks great in sleeveless shirts. Erica brought back this muscle one from Alaska. It's awesome! This is a funny picture - the two kids eating Captain Crunch, Avery naked, underwear on the table. Ha ha!
Another muscle picture...and a super tough football face to go with it!
There is really nothing better for a little baby girl than to jump on her Daddy. We read "Hop on Pop" the other day. Maybe that put her in the mood!

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