Monday, October 4, 2010

A good start to Fall!

This girl loves a good treat. She had all the frosting off her "pupcake" as she calls it after lunch. Later she had a baby cone from DQ. She told me, "I ate the whole thing!". She talks way too well!
We had some fun making mud pies on Sunday. It was gorgeous outside - 86 degrees! Carter and Avery were making a plate of meatballs.
I love this face. Landon was showing off the mudpie we all made. He and Carter decorated it with red berries that fell off the tree. Beautiful!
We haven't played with the mudpie maker for awhile. It was a good purchase by Grandma and Grandpa. They do love it!
If you saw Erica's blog, she found Landon's old Superman costume from right before he turned 2. Everyone tried it on. It was supersmall on both boys, but quite roomy on my girl. She looks like a nut!
Kyle and I could not stop laughing at her. This is how she was walking around in it: very Lurch-like!
We went to Clark's Park on Saturday for another wonderful day in the sunshine. They had a blast. As usual their favorite part was running down the hills. Carter looks so funny in this picture!
I like this action shot of Avery. She takes running very seriously!
They like to swing right next to eachother. Luckily Ave just follows her brother around wherever he wants to go.
We had to go on all four different colors of horsey-swings of course. Kyle and I took turns riding with our little Boo-Boo. Carter's a big boy (just ask him), so he can do everything by himself now!
This is kind of a shadowy picture, but it makes me laugh. He would wear that Turtle shirt every single day if he could. He loves it!
We had to start out with the blue horsey-swings. Blue is Carter's favorite color - followed by purple and red. He's got quite a list!
Carter heard Terri say she had to go to the mall. He was very insistent we go there too. He's so weird sometimes. He doesn't want anything at all there - he just wants to go. They did have a fun time on the slide though.
We did end up buying Avers some cute black shoes. She needs some for Halloween. She was crazy on the slide - she tried to run down once! Luckily her brother was there to catch her!
This new shirt might give the Turtles one a break. I found my boy a Flash shirt. He was superfast all day long! He wore it to bed too. It was much too awesome to take off!
My girl had her first braid at daycare last week. Her teacher Jodi fixed it for her. It was the tiniest funniest little thing!
What a face! She has definitely reached that cheesy smile stage!
I barely got a picture of this sneaky T-Rex. He was walking around like that attacking Poppa! He really likes T-Rex and Quetzalcoatlus (the flying dinosaur which silly Mom thought was called a Pterodactyl).

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