Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Here is the start of our Halloween festivities. I went down for Landon's preschool parade. He was looking good as Raphael. He sang his songs very well too. Unfortunately, it was so packed I couldn't get very many good pictures.
Mom and I helped Erica get into her awesome costume. It's nice that she's a big dork - her preschool kids appreciated the effort!
There's Minnie Mouse! She was hamming it up big time. She didn't want to walk in her parade since Mommy and Daddy were there, but she was loving the attention. All the little kids kept pointing to her and telling their parents, "It's Minnie Mouse".
This is Carter's preschool class all lined up to sing a couple songs. The Flash did a good job! Auntie did a good job teaching them!
The Flash is so super-fast that he had to lead the parade. Auntie had to reel him in!
My little monkeys were quite happy to take pictures together that Friday. They were pretty impressed with how great everyone looked.
I believe Minnie was dancing in this one. I was worried about her little outfit being too cold, but it was quite a pleasant morning. Flash's muscles kept him warm!
I love this picture. They both look so cute! They were waiting patiently at daycare for their cupcakes and treat bags. Then they got to go home with Dad. What could be better?
We skipped the Saturday festivities. It was our last volleyball game and kind of a crazy day. So this is on Halloween night. We decided to go out in the cold (which really wasn't too bad!) and do some trick-or-treating. Carter decided to be Leonardo on Sunday so he could use these new light sabers that Terri got for the boys.

I wanted one picture of them actually saying trick-or-treat and thank you. They were very good about that! Ave was kind of cranky. She wouldn't say a word, but she still wanted candy in her bag!
We stopped over at Nancy and Frank's house. Their street is always decorated and lit up. The boys showed off their singing skills there also. Carter absolutely loved thier dog Cuomo too. He liked the Halloween scarf he had on.
Dad always lets his classes carve pumpkins for extra credit. Then he takes some of them home for Halloween. He had a table with about five of them on there and another seven on the porch. It looked pretty great! There was a Ben Franklin, a headless horsemen, an Edgar Allen Poe, and many other cool ones.
And now...goofy kids pictures. I really wanted a picture of Carter's cool Halloween shirt that he wore on "orange day". Naked Ave got in there too. Look at those faces!
This is the night they were being so silly together. Avery kept saying "poopy" (which I'm thrilled about), and Carter could not stop laughing.
Avery got to wear her most beautiful purple outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness to the game on Saturday. It must have brought us good luck because we won! I wish I would have got a better picture, but she's awfully busy!
The boys helped Poppa do some raking outside on Sunday. I'm glad Poppa is willing to take them outside. It was freezing that afternoon. The wind calmed down for trick-or-treating luckily.
I like Landon's cheesy little grin here. They were both enjoying wearing their pajamas for most of the day.
This is a really old compact I cleaned out for Carter a while ago. It's his turtle-com. He was talking to Donatello. He told me Donatello is a genius who's always fixing stuff. His imagination kills me!
I just like this beautiful Boo Bear face. She's my girl!
Last but not least, she was riding this horse for all she's worth in her new kitty pajamas. She named the horse "Poopy" that night. What a charmer!

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