Monday, November 15, 2010

Not very good ones

This goofybean loves to talk on my cell phone. She's usually pretending to call Terri. She was looking good in pigtails for our volleyball dinner. I had so many people tell me how cute she is...if they only knew!
Carterman was a good boy up there too. He was a running fool! He was of course hungry when we got home. When he wants to, he can eat and eat and eat!
This is what happens when you run for two hours in the halls at Butte pass out with rosy red cheeks on the front room floor!
Carter went to the mountains with Poppa and Landon last weekend. Avers was okay with that. She got to pick out a movie "Cars", and watch it on Carter's bed. Little chocolate face didn't last long either - she was out! I love when she sleeps with her arms behind her head.
I have lots of sleeping pictures this week. It sure doesn't seem like they sleep this much! He's starting to not nap everyday unfortunately. This is what happens now after daycare sometimes.
Rock n Roll! That's what Carterman kept saying last Sunday. We had breakfast at my house and decided since everyone was there, it was Rockband time...Beatles and regular. We were pretty awesome!
Lando was laughing so hard the other night. Carter kept tickling him - he looks pretty proud of himself doesn't he? I like the gloves on Landon look too. He got new red ones, and he won't take them off. Erica had to beg him when we were playing Candyland the other night. He couldn't pick up a card in them!
Avery really loves scrambled eggs. It's obviously easier to eat them if you have a fork and a spoon!
We went out in the cold yesterday with the boys to feed the ducks. Lando wanted to hold Carter's hand, but that wasn't happening. You can tell by his face that he's telling Landon "No". I held his hand eventually. Landon just likes to be in the middle!
Dad said Carter looks like Tim Lincecum (the crazy Giants pitcher) when he feeds the ducks. He does like to throw the bread as far as he can and watch them waddle after it! Look at the frozen pond - the poor ducks just were sliding all over.
These two clowns walked/ran all the way to Poppa's house, which is over a mile. Erica and I were freezing, and the boys found every puddle they could to jump in. Kids apparently don't feel cold they way adults do!
Erica and her boy took a nice photo together when we finally made it to the house. Look at the sky behind them. It got dark and cold about the last half mile! Oh well, the boys had fun and we got some exercise!

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