Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sledding and other fun!

Here's Ave the goof talking and singing about Landon's birthday party!

My monkeys and I had a very nice relaxing Thanksgiving break. We were supposed to go to Sunburst, but the roads were not cooperating unfortunately. Here's one of our laidback mornings...hanging out, watching cartoons, crazy hair, marshmellow cereal!
We headed over early to help Grandma do some cooking on Thanksgiving. Carter helped by cutting up olives for vegetable pizza. He did a pretty good job, although he ate half of what he cut!
The boys looked great on Thansgiving. They were having a blast with the fam too. They played board games with Nancy, and then everyone threw pillows at them. What could be better?
I know I shouldn't make fun of my husband, but his drawings always kill me. He drew this "Mickey Mouse" for Avery! I love it.
There is nothing quite like a mohawk girl in princess pajamas - a nice juxtaposition I think!
Every once in awhile, Carter really likes Ave to lay with him and watch movies. This is generally what happens.
Ave went sledding on Sunday for the first time. She looked pretty cute all bundled up and ready to go!
It was actually a lot colder than we thought it was going to be, but we still had so much fun. Here's one of the first trips down...the boys and Erica.
Lando decided it was too crowded and just gave them a good push. It was fun to get out there. We only went sledding once last year, and it was in March. Carter was much braver this year too!
My Boo Bear was so funny. We'd go down, and she wouldn't smile at all. Then she'd get up and say, "I don't like that." Then I'd say, "You want to go again?". "Yeah"! She got cold pretty quickly though the poor thing. You like my Toy Story gloves?
Daddy and Carter had a great time. Carter was an absolute nut. Lando ended up in the truck for a couple minutes to warm up with me and Ave. Carter was crazy. He had snow all over his face, he bit his tongue once, he went down with everyone and by himself. He was killing me! Kyle was crazy too because he wore shorts!
That's double trouble right there!
I like this picture. Good form Erica and Jocko! This was right after Landon got out of the truck. He trudged back up the hill and leaped onto Erica's back. She was not ready and thought she pulled a muscle!
Having some Daddy tickles when you're all done is a good time!

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