Monday, January 10, 2011

Ave's big party!

This is really not the best picture, but Ave's shirt is so funny. Auntie Erica got her a girly R2D2 shirt for her birthday. The top says Beep Boop, Boop Bleep. She's a Lord of the Rings girl right now, but Star Wars may come around someday. I'm fine with my kids liking some nerdy stuff! It was a big hit!
We were at Silver Bow for Madisyn's 4th Birthday party. Carty was looking totally awesome in his blue guitar shirt, blue jeans, and blue boots. This is what he rides on the carousel 90% of the time...the blue bench!
I'm not sure what's going on with Carter's face here. He probably was chasing some imaginary bad guys. Ave's just happy to be with her brother.
Madisyn had a tasty and beautiful Dora cake. She's a cutie...can't believe she's 4 already!
There is a broken ski-ball game that is the best thing ever. These three just took turns rolling, and we didn't use any quarters. Can't beat that!
My girl in her pretty yellow sweatshirt from Aunt Kelsie. I love this cheesy look and curly hair!
Carterman loves dinosaurs (and transformers, and ninja turtles, and GI Joe). He's wearing a dinosaur shirt and reading his dinosaur book from Erica that he got for Christmas. It's a cool book. Who knew there was a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet?
Ave had her big birthday party on Sunday. She had a great time with great people, and she looked so pretty! Mom found this dress for her awhile ago - it was so cute on her!
Thank goodness for Abb and Jord. They are so good about watching and playing with the kids...especially when there's a million of them running around at Silver Bow! You guys are the best.
These expressions make me laugh! I wonder what Lando Commando and Ave were thinking here!
Miss Ave had a lot of guests. She's a lucky girl to know so many little kids. This is Reese, Eric and Geah's little girl.
This is Reese's new baby sister, Brooklyn. She's 10 weeks old and according to her grandma Nancy, a great eater! She was a very good baby at the party.
There's Abbey and Carter or as Avery calls them Abbey Jean Dance Machine and Carty. I'm not sure where Carty came from, but it's really cute when she says it!
I have to sneak up on Mason to take a picture. He hates cameras! This didn't turn out to be a bad one though - he's a good boy!
She was really good about opening her presents. She just opened them on the floor almost under the table. Made it tough to get a good picture!
I wish I wouldn't have missed her little face here. She was super excited about her Little Einsteins movies from Grandma Bonnie!
She was debating between Princess and the Frog or Kung Fu Panda for her cake. Tianna won out! It was a beautiful cake. Avery blew out her candles like a champ too!
Nicole's boys are always so good at parties. I love those smiles too...looks like Connor lost a tooth!
When we got home, Carter passed out immediately. Ave kept going for another hour. She had to try out her new diaper bag for her babies from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. Baby Tianna was going to have a bottle. Thanks so much to everyone for coming (especially traveling from Sunburst) - she had the best time!

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