Monday, January 24, 2011

Another quiet week

This is one of Avery's Christmas presents from us. She loves to draw and do stickers, so her little artist desk is fantastic. She's even been good about putting the lids back on!
This is Carterman's present. The giant Cars track is still in our kitchen right now. He has a very good time with it!
I love this picture. She insisted on wearing this awesome Viking helmet while she read Beauty and the Beast. She reads it to me now which is awesome. "This is Belle. She doesn't like Gaston - he's a bad guy"!
I couldn't help but laugh at this picture. He loves to sleep on his face. He doesn't usually wear his slippers to bed either. What a pose!
She really likes her Princess sweatshirt that Madisyn and Mason gave her. Anything with Tianna from Princess and the Frog makes her happy!
I love this big-eyed picture. I can't help it...she's cute! Her pigtails were marvelous that day also.
It was blue day at daycare which thrilled Carter. He insisted on wearing a blue shirt, blue pants, blue underwear, and blue boots! He was looking good - I love this face too!
Nancy and Frank got Avery the cutest Hello Kitty outfits for her birthday. She spilled chocolate milk on her pants so she was running around like this all day Friday. That little blue ruffle at the bottom kills me!
They got their flu shots finally on Friday. It seemed like everytime we were going to take them, they got a cold. Anyway, I thought this would wear them out. No such luck! Avers found the Halloween costumes and had a great time.
Now it's time to be Buzz...excuse the nudity. I couldn't help it - those boots were killing me. They were very good with their shots too. Ave cried until she got a sucker. Then she was fine. Carter just said Ow, and then told the nurse that hurt him just a little bit. They are my tough kids!
His teeth are so evenly spaced. The dentist told me that's awesome for little kids. Sometimes they really make me laugh though!
Last but not least, a pretty girl in her ballet/tutu jammies playing with Carter's monster truck magnets. What a contrast!

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