Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not much at all, but better than nothing

I don't have much here, mostly my girl. She's a ham lately, and Carter doesn't want his picture taken. I also left my camera charger in Sunburst over Christmas break so my camera died. Thanks so much Bonnie for sending it to me! Here's a blurry picture of Ave trying on every headband she got from Nicole and her boys for her birthday!
She got so many cute clothes for Christmas and her birthday...which we really appreciate. She was starting to grow out of everything. She likes me to take pictures so she can look at them when I'm done. I love this purple outfit!
I know she's German...but we're going to go with that Ave was channeling Charlie Chaplin here instead of you know who. Mom wiped this off her because it was dripping towards her mouth. She immediately drew a green mustache in the same spot! She and Lando had a good time painting together. Carter was too tired.
She and Carter have been very into painting lately...which is amazing for Carter because he'd much rather hit something than do anything creative!
She would not look at me after the Butte High/Butte Central games (which did not go very well). Possibly she was too hyped up after her snowcone. She looked super cute in her sweatshirt and pigtails though! Both she and Carter were so good at the games luckily. Abb and Jord performed there too and were fabulous!
Finally my boy! He has been very good about letting Ave play in his room with him. Probably because she's been sharing her wolfie stuffed animal with him. He's been on a wolf kick lately.
He told me he was going to hug her while they were jumping. That did not work so well. Now he just looks like a insanely happy evil guy with his hands around her neck!
There's a hug. They are so cute together...most of the time!
Ave's starting to be a big girl and really liking her own bed. She got a TV from us for her birthday. She's been watching Little Einsteins and the Princess and the Frog a lot!
This picture makes me laugh. I'm not sure what Carterman is doing. I love his hair though. Ave is giving baby Tianna a bottle in her princess chair...while naked of course.
Last but not least (I warned you not much here), Ave and her puppy taking a little snooze at Poppa's house. I like that that Lane is actually on the pillow with her. She's a good dog. It reminds me of a picture of Abbey and Clifford when he was a puppy sleeping on her Little Mermaid pillow. So cute! They'll be more next week now that the camera is back to life!

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