Monday, January 3, 2011

My girl's 2!...and I'm 30.

This playdough set Auntie Kelsie sent the three monkeys for Christmas has been a huge hit! Everyone looks pretty happy - my kids look insane!
Lando enjoyed my birthday cake quite a bit...well, everyone did! Thanks Terri and girls!
Avers, I think that might be a little large for your tiny mouth!
Have you ever seen a sweeter face?
We had our friends with kids annual Christmas present exchange on Thursday. Ritter brought over Madisyn (below) and Mason. Dana and Jason brought over Jada and Madelyn too. We had a great time!
Ave had to open every bit of her presents. She can't just see what they are, they have to be completely dismantled!
Jada, who's so pretty, is very into girly things. She loved her Barbie doll stuff and coloring books.
I love these kind of pictures. We had one from last year, and it's fun to see how much our babies have grown! I always love the variety of hair colors too!
There's the oldest of our kids. Jada is 4 and Madisyn will be 4 on January 7th. They are too cute!
Miss Boo Bear had a great time with all our visitors. See her manners: eating chocolate and jumping on the couch. At least I got her to put some clothes on!
Mason and Ave got along great. They are really funny together. He really enjoyed using Carter's binoculars to find "elk"!
Here's goofy bean the next morning. She got a new bath baby who came with a duck towel. She likes to wear the little towel on her head, and spin around saying "Quack"!
This is Carterman in some new pajamas, sitting at Ave's new writing/drawing desk, and playing with his new Cars Geo/Trax set. He loves it! He's driving around Doc here/ hence the blue controller.
My Boo Bear is 2! I can't believe it. She had a quiet birthday with the fam on Saturday. She'll have her big party next Sunday. Invitations are coming! Look at that cute nightgown Mom got her!

She had the craziest hair I've ever seen that day! I loved it though. Here she is showing off her new stamp set from Auntie Kelsie. She has played with that everyday so far!
Grandma Patsy made me take a picture of her gorgeous artwork! It is quite magnificent.
My girl wanted five candles on her cake. Who are we to say no? She also looked around to make sure every person there was singing to her (Carter obviously was!). That face makes me laugh everytime.
Cute picture of Mom and son. Landon got his hair cut the next day. It was a bit traumatic, but he looks fantastic!
Here is a lovely profile of crazy hair/frosting teeth/nutso girl!
Here's another just random playing picture. She really enjoys making playdough snakes and saying "hiss"! I can't believe she's 2! Have I said that yet?

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