Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new baby finally!

My little man is finally here! You'll see him later. Here's my girl sleeping in her big girl bed. She's been pretty great about sleeping in her toddler bed!
Dad found these cool little animals you can color with markers and then wash off. Avery and Landon loved them. They love to color. Carter's is more of an action man.
Landon of course was coloring his red!
It's been fairly warm here lately. The kids loved to get outside in the snow. We had to lure them in with hot cocoa.
Landon and Auntie made an awesome snowman. We got here too late to help with it, but we all thought it was cool.
My girl's funny little smile. She's a cutie pie!
This goofball loves to set up all her babies and stuffed animals in the front room for the fancy dance. I think she got that from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
And now...Teague William Barsness is here. He weighed 7lb 8oz and was 20 inches long. We are so happy to finally see him!
I think he's pretty perfect. We think right now he looks like Carter from the nose up, and Ave from the lips down.
Here's a side view of his glorious little figure. He has some long skinny toes (Kelsie toes).
Jordan couldn't wait to hold him!
Neither could Abbey Jean!
He's quite a sleepy fellow so far.
Just some general info. I can't believe he wasn't bigger being a week late. I'm glad he wasn't!
I love those little hats.
Grandma Patsy is spoiling him rotten already!
Ave is thrilled with him. Everytime she sees him, she says "It's my baby brother Teague. He's so tiny". She really is completely fascinated by him.
Carter and Landon kept asking him how he's doing. They are going to love having another boy around I'm sure.
Carterman giving him a kiss. He's the best big brother around. So anyway, so far so good. Teague's hungry though, gotta go!

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