Sunday, February 20, 2011

A week old

Here are all the siblings together on Teague's first night home. He has an excellent big brother and sister. Love Avery's face in this picture!

She's been dying to hold him. She's pretty sure he's just like her dolls, and she can carry him all over the place.
There's my sweet boy taking a little nap on the couch. He likes to sleep on his sides.
There's my crazy running kids. They like to just run in circles which is nice because it wears them out.
Terri found her these awesome big sister pj's. They look magnificent on her!
He always has his hands up by his face. It reminds me a lot of  baby Carter. He looks like baby Carter except no chin cleft.
Poppa always comes up with the best games. This one was letting Carter hit a paper bag off of his head.
We were all laughing at his little hands in this picture. It looks like he's holding on to his little blanket, ready for the ride home.
Avery is absolutely obsessed with him. Carter's kind of off in his own little dinosaur/transformer world, but he does come by and give him kisses.
Auntie decided to make some chocolate chip cookies today and luckily, she had many helpers. They turned out delicious of course!
My girl had some crazy hair today! We're heading home in about ten minutes for bath time to calm the frizz!
Carterman was showing me his muscles. He had just come back from the weight room. This is more elbows than muscles but whatever.
This is kind of a little red face, but he had just gotten done eating. He is an excellent sleeper and eater so far. He only really gets mad at us when we have to change his diaper and clothes.

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