Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sorry everyone. I know this is late, but I'm overdue and kind of lazy/cranky. There's nothing I can do though, so here are some pictures. The boys both wore their dinosaur shirts on the same day to daycare. They were looking pretty awesome!
My boy very rarely sits still for pictures anymore, so I take what I can get. He's a cutie!
Her face is a bit crazy, but look at this sweater dress from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. I love it! She thought she was quite beautiful in it too!
Erica probably won't like this, but she should be proud. She officially has a master's degree. Way to go homie - you look super professional in that turtles shirt!
There's my little cheeseball at a Butte High Game. We try to go to most of the home games. The kids like getting out of the house and running around on the court after the games.
After the game, some little monkey was tired. We didn't even get her pajama shirt on! She passed out on Carter's bed with her backpack on and her princess CD player.
Grandma Patsy is much too trusting. I'm glad someone is willing to let Boo Bear paint their toenails. She did a fairly good job!
This is the cutest nightgown ever that Callie got her for Christmas. She kept saying, "It has no pants!" while she talked on her phone.
One weekend she came out of her room dressed in this red shirt and purple pants. I asked her to grab some underwear instead of a pullup, and this is the result. Doesn't she look great?
They were getting some decepticons together - for some reason those bad robots are always in our hallway! Good color coordination too, their guns match their shirts.
Kyle had a bit of an accident at work...as in someone punched him in the face from around a door. It looks way better than this now. He's got two black eyes. Good thing he's tough - nothing broken.
Ave really likes all her babies. My Mom got Big Baby (that's what Ave named her) a Valentine's outfit that Avery thinks is gorgeous. I told her she's a good mommy. She always says, "I'm not a Mommy...you a Mommy!".
She really likes this new John Deere hat that Carter got for Christmas. I told her it makes her look like a dwarf from Snow White. She was reading that book to Carter the other day and named some of the dwarfs Zombo, Cokey, Mato...and many other funny names!
Happy Birthday to Auntie Erica! She turned 27 on the 7th. She was hoping there would be a baby on her birthday - no such luck. Everyone sang to her and the three monkeys helped her blow out her candles.
Erica really likes this picture...I'm not sure why.
My pretty girl was very excited for cake. I love her big eyes in this picture. That's me in the background - it's the closest you'll get to a picture of me!
Landon always enjoys a tasty piece of cake. He gets every piece of frosting off of it!
Carter for some reason was completely naked while they played some old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They look awfully cute together though. Erica made them smile while they were playing. Hopefully next week, they'll be some new baby pictures. I'll keep everyone updated. Right now they said if I make it to Monday they'll induce me. That'll make an awesome Valentine's Day!

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