Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th of July!

Hello! Hope everyone had a great 4th! I know we did. Tiring, but lots of fun. Here's a nice brothers picture to start us off. Carter loves to hold him, and Teague loves to reach up and grab faces.
I put this one in just for Ave's face! She is such a clown. Sometimes I forget she's only 2 1/2!
There's a nice one of all my monkeys. I just love them!
Teague has some fantastic thighs - don't they look muscular?
We finally have lilacs here. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do! I was telling Ave that they are my favorite smell. She decided she likes them too!
Grandma and grandkids. How cute is that? They love Grandma.
They were all being so good that day. They decided to have some tummy time with Teague. Teague's face kills me. I can tell Teaguers is about to make one of his lovely new screeching sounds!
Avery wanted to help Grandma plant some tomato plants Mr. Patrick gave us. It was a little chilly that night though, and this is the only coat we could find. So "The Gorton's Fisherman" ended up helping Grandma!
We have found some of the cutest summer clothes for Ave at KMart this year. Doesn't she look gorgeous? She likes to twirl around in her "dancy" clothes as she calls them. She was pretending to bring food for us out of this birthday gift bag - I got a delicious "Lava sandwich"!
Teague loves his bouncer. He is getting really good at starting the music on it. I love his feet crossed and hands clasped together too.
We went to the carnival for awhile on Sunday. It was pretty fun for the kids. It was hot too! I'm not complaining though. I'm so happy that it finally feels like summer! Here they are on the motorbikes. This was Carter's favorite - he went three times in a row.
Here they are in the cars...
Lando, of course, wanted to be in the firetruck (cause it's red!).
Carter and Ave steered around a big yellow bus.
Ave and Jordan went on the berry-go-round or whatever it was called. Ave had a good time luckily! She's not as adventurous as Carterman.
Carter and Abbey were spinning around and around!
After we finally got them out of there (we had to get back to Teague, who Grandma kindly watched) Poppa let them soak the yard. He's getting sod soon so he doesn't care. Ave made me a mud pasty!
I was trying to get a picture of this swimsuit Erica picked out. It has little cutouts on the sides which make me laugh. This picture is great though - shows her personality!
We went up to Copper Mountain to watch the big fireworks. Ave and Carter had a great time swinging in the dark!
The boys looked so cute on their little folding chairs. They were tired though and very goofy.
This is Teague at the parade. He slept almost right up until Abb and Jord's float came by. He missed Connor on the Tae Kwon Do float, but we waved to him!
The kids in their 4th of July best. They liked wearing their red, white, and blue clothes! It was sunny as you can tell...kind of a squinty picture.
That's Jordan and Abbey in the front of MRI's float. It was Gnomeo and Juliet themed. They looked hilarious!
The boys couldn't wait to see Michaelangelo. Landon remembered him from last year. They gave him some nice high fives.
Teague was such a good boy all day. He had a little bellyache at home last night, but he loves being outside and the fireworks didn't bother him at all (unlike my poor Laney).
Ave enjoyed her sparklers. Thank you Jordan and Poppa for helping the kids with the fireworks (which Grandma kindly got for them). We didn't get out much though because the mosquitos are so so bad this year - they were attacking Teague everytime we tried to go out. Poor Carter has about six bites on his face.
Carter had fun too. He loved the fireworks. He was so excited to get a parachute from one of them. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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