Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Quiet Long Weekend

My girl just loves her brother. I should get a video of her talking to him. She completely changes her voice and imitates everyone else! She always wants to hold him until he gets "too heavy".
I love when he just stares at her. He usually gives her big smiles, but it's so hard to catch one. At least he doesn't have his whole fist jammed in his mouth like usual!
Carter found Kyle's headphones that he has to wear when he has gun training. He was pretending they were playing music and was dancing and dancing. Plus he has on his favorite new pjs from Margaret, Nancy, and Frank. They have dinosaurs of course!
Avery has decided that she would rather wear Carter's pajamas than her footie ones. She likes two piece pajamas apparently!
I think Carter took this picture. It's a nice side view of my smiley boy's cheek! He's such a good little baby.
There's a front view of his nice blue eyes, bald head, and double chin. Actually, he looks bald, but his hair is coming in. It almost looks blond!
My favorite thing during diaper changes is to check out those thighs. They are gorgeous! They remind me of when Dad would change the words of "Hungry Eyes" from Dirty Dancing to "Chunky Thighs". Aww...memories.
Swimming time again! I'm so glad we've got back into our Saturday morning routine again. It is fun, and it wears them out. Teague was going to go in after his bottle with Daddy, but he passed out. Maybe next time!
You probably can't tell, but Avery and Carter went with Kyle to get haircuts that morning. Carter and Kyle now look exactly alike again. Avery got her bangs trimmed and the back evened out. We just wanted her to still look like a beautiful girl. It was her first haircut though, and she loved it! She got a sucker and picked out a blue comb just like Carter!
We went to Kung Fu Panda 2 at the drive in on Saturday night. We love the drive in! It was a very funny show. Teague slept the first 45 minutes or so, then he watched too. That's Erica's car next to us - she and Lando also enjoyed the show.
This is Avery's baby taking a snooze with Kyle. It used to be named Pink Baby, but now it's something much more awesome...Vector Sandwich. Vector is because of the movie Despicable Me, and I guess she likes sandwiches. It makes me laugh just thinking of it!
What a cold Memorial Day weekend! It was that wet dreary stuff that just doesn't let you warm up. These two clowns (or donut face in Landon's case) came out with me on Saturday for a little while and helped me clear some old stuff out of the garden. They are very good at picking those random dandelions out!

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