Thursday, July 21, 2011

A quiet summer week

Teague's starting to like the Bumbo chair. I think he feels like he's one of the big kids in it. They usually came over and check him out when he's in there.
It's kind of tough to tell, but this smiley guy is wearing his 5 months sticker! Hard  to believe that my little man is getting so big!
We decided to go to Stodden for a little bit last Friday. It was kind of a windy day, but the kids had fun. They like to try out new playgrounds. Now if only the pool at Stodden was still open.
Landon and Carter really liked these rings. I could totally see Landon being a gymnast. That boy is strong!
Carterman just liked to hang around and kick his legs. He's really in no hurry to grow up...and I'm fine with that. I still can't believe he's 4.
What a perfect slide for the 3 big kids! They all really liked the middle "bumpy" part the best though.
On Saturday my friend Alicia came in from Vegas for a baby shower that her mom set up. The Antonovich's have a great back yard for the kids to play in. Dana and I brought our girls. Ave told Carter and Landon that it was a girl party, and she dressed up for it!
Alicia is having a girl too - in October, so they'll be one to add to the mix. I love Dana's girls' hair. They got along great with Avery too!
This is kind of a serious face, but Teague was looking fantastic in his blue dinosaur outfit. We had a couple kind of chilly nights last week.
That's a better smile! Try to ignore the giant chocolate yogurt stain Avery put on the couch. I scrubbed it off afterwards...just look at the boy in all his glory.
Two brothers. I really do think Teague is going to look a lot like my handsome Carterman. Nothing wrong with that!
Teague has quite the grabby hands. He's very good at getting a grip on stuff - whether it be toys, blankets, Mom's hair, or Dad's face!
Avery wanted me to put Teague on the floor so she could show me that she's way bigger than him. Got it Ave!
I love this picture! The only way it could be more perfect is if Avery were actually clean. She never is though, so this is fantastic and realistic. I've got great kids!
We had a little going away party for my friend Margie at our friend Cristin's house. She is going to architecture school down in Arkansas. My friend Mariya and I have kids all about the same age, and they had a lot of fun together. This is Carter (4/11/07), Michael (10/17/06), Molly (7/22/08) and Ave (1/1/09).
Mariya, Cristin, and I all have baby boys. They are all so cute. Teague is the oldest, Shamus (Mariya's son in the plaid) is 4 days younger, and KR (Cristin's son in the baseball outfit) is a month younger. They are both bigger than my guy, but Teague is a mover!
My guy with the giant drool spot was rolling over and trying to eat Shamus's head. He's going to crawl sooner than Carter and Ave I think. He loves tummy time! Anyway, these boys are darling.