Monday, July 25, 2011

Kalispell fun!

My little Teague has found his tongue. He was hanging it out all weekend! He thought it was funny when we stuck our tongues out at him too.
We went to Kalispell on Friday night to visit Aunt Diane and Uncle Art. We always have fun up there. We went to the Woodland WaterPark on Saturday. Here are the big kids in their life jackets squinting in the sunshine.
Teague took a nice little nap on Poppa while I took the kids on the lazy river. Mom forgot her suit and Erica's was falling apart - so it was just me in the water for awhile. They were good about taking turns though.
Diane, Avery, Mom, and Carterman floating the river. We had a good time. The water was nice and warm too.
Erica and Landon having a snack break. Starbursts were a big favorite this weekend.
My Avers getting all nice and warm. The wind was a little chilly at first, but it warmed up nicely. My sunburnt back will attest to that!
No, there were not boulders in the grass at the waterpark...
It's Carter! He thought he was pretty hilarious when Poppa didn't know where he was.
After the water park, we went to the playgrounds and to feed the ducks. Erica gave my arm a break (thanks!) and gave me a chance to get a happy smile picture.
This picture is tough to see because of the shadows, but Ave was killing me with her running. She was throwing her elbows back and off to the side. She did that later running around Diane's yard, and everyone was laughing. She's my little comedienne.
The ducks and geese enjoyed some of our leftover hot dog buns. Ave was throwing giant chunks of it and the boys like to throw it at the poor animals!
Diane and Art had a fabulous time with all the kids. Here they are with Teague in the beautiful park.
We played outside all night at Diane and Art's house. It was gorgeous! We had pizza and the pool was nice and warm. The swimsuits were being washed, so Ave decided underwear would work!
You can see her little hernia she was born with in this picture. Dr. Graham said it's nothing to even consider fixing until she's a teenager. He said it would take about two stitches...poor Boo.
Dana, Jason, and the girls came over. Yay! They brought over stuff to make Italian sodas for everyone.
The underwear kids having fun in the pool - so cute!
Ave was the only one brave enough to plop all the way in there.
Landon was being Ursula from the Little Mermaid. It was so funny - he kept saying "Bow to my power"! while he swirled around the water.
Art loves babies. It was so cute to see him and Teague together.
I told Dana her kids looked like drug dealers! They had some little fizzy candies that they were sharing with everyone. They are cuties.
Avery was making Poppa imitate all of her crazy noises. It was quite amusing for all the kids. You could just hear them laughing and laughing!
Afterwards it was cookie and milk time. They were all so good together. I bet Dana's kids passed out the minute they left. They all must have run back and forth in the yard at least 20 times!
We tried to get a picture of all six together - not an easy task. Awfully cute though! L-R is Landon, Avery, Carter (with Teague), Madelyn, and Jada.
Teague decided he'd rather just roll away! I love Jada's smile in this though.
And we're home! Thank you so much Diane and Art. We had a ball! The kids were very excited to get home and see Daddy (and eat these dinosaur popsicles). He had to work 4pm-4am shifts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for Evel Dayz in Butte. He missed his babies big time.

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