Monday, June 4, 2012

Having some fun!

We decided to do a little painting in our house. I usually have a hard time making decisions on colors, but we just went for it. This is our new "Flamenco" kitchen. That was the name of the paint. I love it! Kyle and I can't believe how different it looks, especially with the new floor. It much cleaner now also. The kids took a nice nap on Saturday so I could de-clutter (this was on Thursday)!
We also went with one blue wall in our front room. It was my Mom's idea (good job Mom). It looks much brighter in this picture than it really is. It matches my favorite "Poppies" painting and goes very nicely with our dark brown couches and new carpet. Now we're done for awhile!
Dad had his track kids over for spaghetti and chicken. It was delicious. Teague ate a lot of food and then got to clean the barbeque with Poppa. He's so spoiled! My little guy is obsessed with cooking!
He and Ave were having a "sleepover" on some couch cushions. They were laying next to eachother and laughing. They have a lot of fun together.
Saturday was a whole lot of fun. We went out and played a lot since Kyle had to work that night. We started off the day with a delicious Great Harvest breakfast. Teague went around and tried a little bit of everyone's food (as usual).
We were running late for our 10:30 breakfast so I let the kids wear pajamas. I told Ave she had to put on something under her we have red and white striped tights. She completed the outfit with pink jelly sandals and a headband. Gorgeous! We love Great Harvest's play area. Ave read a few books while her breakfast was cooking.
Then it was time for swimming. They had lots of fun in the pool - Teague was especially loving the froggy slide!
It turned out to be such a nice day (I thought it was going to rain)! The kids had a blast playing outside at the Y. The always want to, but it's usually locked up.
Peek-a-Boo! He's getting to be quite the climber. He can pull himself up on the kitchen chairs now too...much to my dismay!
This is when Boo was singing her new song "It's fun to exist. Oh what a delight." Erica was saying we should follow her around with a tape recorder. I don't know where she gets this stuff! She has another song that we think could be on the radio right now. The lyrics are "If you don't want to be yourself than just beat it and hit it boy, hit it!" I just shake my head.
Teague loved this little Teeter-Totter!
I mean look at that smiley little guy! I couldn't believe he was still going. He fell asleep on the way home and slept for 3 hours! Swimming and playing outside is quite a energy-sapper.
Lando Commando and Erica had breakfast and swimming with us also. Landon and Carter are becoming quite the brave little swimmers!
Speaking of Carterman, I had to make him sit still for two seconds so I could take a picture of him. He's the best guy. He's just so nice!
He helped me a ton with the garden last night. He planted quite a few flowers all by himself. He dug the holes, got the flowers out of the pots, loosened the roots a bit, and patted some good dirt around them. He was awesome! He wants to do more tonight. Ave actually came flower shopping with Mom and I. I'll make them little gardeners in no time!
Poor Dad. I told him about the rosebush problem in the rock garden. He dug and pulled forever yesterday! I'm thinking his back is probably sore today. It looks awesome though - better than it has in quite awhile. I think he probably had four wheelbarrows full. Some of the roots were an inch and half thick!
Teague really wanted to help water. He mostly watered his feet! He just loves to be outside. I think he was out there for about 8 glorious hours yesterday!
Then it was time for the dirty kids to take a bath. This is Teague's new silly face that he makes! It's hilarious. He thinks it's wonderful when everyone laughs at him!
This is his, "I'm so funny - Mom and Terri are laughing at me face". He kills me!
These two were having a blast. Ave kept calling him her baby "Daisy". She's a goofball. Carter took a shower at home. He's getting so grown-up!

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