Monday, July 30, 2012

End of July already!

I had to post this picture. I thought my Carterman looked absolutely hilarious in these Batman boxer briefs! Those legs are pretty awesome.
He kept jumping into every picture I was trying to there ya go!
Teague has become obsessed with the word "bike". He loves Carter's old Cars bike, and he thinks it's funny when Laney lays on the grass (which looks fantastic).
He made me manuever the bike into the playhouse. He's lucky he's so cute, because he never sits still!
I love this picture! We took another fun trip up to Copper Mountain. It has been so beautiful around 8pm here - absolutely perfect weather!
He loves to help cut up olives whenever we have potato or macaroni salad. Ave came in later, and they worked together very well. Avery would hand him a couple olives, he'd slice them and say "order up", and Ave would dump them in the bowl. It was making me smile!
Friday was my Dad's birthday - 56! We had some delicious food and then my evil brother made Dad and Mr. Foley take shots with him. Dad can't say no to little Kyle.
Meanwhile...Teague was chowing on his and Avery's leftover red velvet cake. Ave picked that out for Poppa. She's decided it's delicious (we had it the week before for Little Kyle's birthday). Avery had to go watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with Mom - I thought the torch lighting was pretty cool. Ave is very interested in all the different flags.
Camera thief!
We made it up to Evel Dayz for a little bit on Saturday afternoon. We heard there were some fun kids' activities up there. It's not too scary if you go during the day! They were checking out a crazy ride...the next picture.
It makes me queasy just looking at it. Crazy cousin Jordan rode this thing 5 times this weekend!
These two were next in line for a jumping thing with giant rubber bands. It looked very safe, and all the kids on it were having a blast...then thunder and a huge crack of lightning! Boo! They shut everything down, and we had to hide under a tree. Luckily they didn't seem too sad about it.
Poor Teague had a fever all day and an icky nose. I think he's getting some very painful teeth. Then he threw up. When his fever finally broke around 11:30pm, he begged me to take a bath. So, here is my midnight bathing beauty. Whatever makes the guy feel better!
He thinks he can dress himself. He kept holding up the shirt to his stomach and just laying it there!
I was happy to see him being silly and smiling again!
Last night we had a wonderful picnic dinner up at the new complex by the Kelly mine. It was awesome! The view is amazing, and it's a nice intersection of a bunch of walking trails.
Teague liked climbing on the picnic tables, but he'd rather sit on the cooler.
Silly face man!
Ha Ha  - they all look so silly.
We took a little walk up to the Granite Mountain Memorial when we were done eating. It's so neat what they've done up there. They have a big sign dedicating the memorial to the 2,500 miners that lost their lives in Butte. There are also bricks enscribed with names of people who donated. Here are half of the flags (all the nationalities of the miners).
I like my little striding Teague picture :)
Here are the other half of the flags - Ave made me read every country to her. She knew Italy's from watching gymnastics earlier on the Olympics!
Our view! It's not a great picture, but it shows how high up we were. A fun night all in all!

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