Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Things Happening

We were hoping to make it to the Splash Pad one more time...but it was turned off when we got there. That's okay. The kids still had a great time at Clark's Park. They always do!
She just looks so pretty in the picture. She loves to sit in the tree.
She's such a little clown. She loves to climb up in the tree everyday now. That tree has some pretty nice little spots to sit in.
Teague's new favorite thing in the world is to hang out in Terri's car. Jordan is way too nice and always takes him out there to "drive!".
Bike ride time! These two wear my legs out. The get pretty heavy after awhile. They love it though.
This little man is going to a big Elementary School now! He is an Emerson Yellowjacket, and he's loving it. I'm very proud of my Carterman.
First day of school for Carter and first day as a "blue diamond" (The 4 year old group even though she's only 3) in preschool for Boo.
Big 5 year olds standing outside Emerson after orientation! They are joining the alumni of Dad, Terri, Me, Erica, Kelsie, Terri Jo, Kyle, Abbey, and Jordan. It's a good school!
Teague and Ave love to be "fishies" in the bathtub. She loves her brother, look at that face!
Then she made silly faces, tried to teach Teague to say "poop", and talked about turning into a racoon dumpster. I don't know where she gets this stuff.
Crazy hair. She needs a trim in the front, but the back is still pretty short and curly.
This boy is in the stage that every kid gets in to...wearing other people's shoes. He is obsessed!
Tired boys after a week of kindergarten. They had lots of fun eating lunch together and playing at recess. They have different teachers, which is probably a good thing (since they are together all the time). It was rock and roll day on Friday - hence the drum shirts! Friday was also my last day at work. They fired my two co-workers that helped me everyday. I didn't want to stay there anymore...not worth it. I'm going to enjoy a couple months of coaching and transporting my kids around before I look for a new job.
My drawing boy. He's really starting to be interested in colors - he likes the orange chalk the best.
She's so cute...she's also such a booger. She keeps me on my toes all the time!
Playing at Copper Mountain after our all day JV tournament. It was a LONG day. Luckily it was a beautiful night. Ave picked out two different shoes, Halloween spider socks, and a purple necklace to wear for the evening.
I love this picture! What a handsome lad.
Lando is quite athletic. He can do monkey bars and slide down the pole like a champ.
This fool makes me laugh - he's a good guy.
All 4 - Teague looks thrilled!
This is a cute picture...I wish Carter would look at me!
Oh yeah...time to rock out!
Ave drew this Daddy jellyfish and three babies. She also drew a Mom jellyfish fighting an octopus (maybe that was my old boss!). Carter wanted to send Autobots after him...if only the Transformers were real!
Standing by her art.
She's awfully cute. Sorry about the little break. There's been lots of stress and craziness around her the last couple weeks. It's all good now, and I'm feeling really good about my decision. It's a new adventure I guess! 

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