Monday, September 24, 2012

Yellowstone trip with Grandma and Poppa

Mom and Dad took Carter, Landon, and Ave on a little fall trip to Yellowstone this weekend. I had a JV tournament in Belgrade and Kyle had to work. Mr. Teague is still pretty little, so he stayed home and played with wonderful Jordan. Thanks Jocko!
Avery passed out in the giant bed.
They loved the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center of course. Dad told me Carter was sharing animal facts left and right!
Getting a closer view.
The playground is always a highlight.
My Googles is so pretty!
They told me all about this owl because his name was Tegan, kind of like Teague of course.
Hanging out in the wolf den!
Feeding time!
My Mom loves this tree. They always get a picture by it.
Our kids are so cute that some Japanese tourists asked if they could get a picture with them!
The geysers were still stinky but Ave likes them. That's what she told me. They are cool colors.
Throwing rocks is probably always going to be their favorite part!
On their way up to the waterfall.
They are such little hams. I'm so glad they were good and had so much fun!
This waterfall is awesome!
The Bald Eagle was "Isis", I think.
The fall colors were awesome. Teague is going to go for sure next time. I missed them, but I'm so glad they could hang out with Grandma and Poppa for some fun!

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