Monday, September 24, 2012

A quiet week at home.

Ave is quite obsessed with her tap shoes. She would wear them everywhere if I let her. I told her if she wears them outside they won't tap anymore. It's a little white lie.
My big boy is a big goofball.
I think he was going to hit me...he sure looks happy about it too. He winds up now whenever something is not his way. Timeouts are just starting.
These two are such buddies. Every Friday is just a fun time for them to play together and be silly. The Stand is right behind them. I just finished it again. I always get back into Stephen King around volleyball season. I get a lot of reading done on the bus.
We bought lots of art stuff at KMart the other day. We were running low on paper and markers. Teague has been quite into coloring lately, especially Mickey Mouse pictures. He knows all the people on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We had to get a whiteboard for Teagie too. He found Carter and Ave's the other day.
I always bring them 20 minutes early on Friday to pick up Carter and Landon. They love to play there.
Peek-a-boo Teaguers!
The big kindergarten boys. They were too busy looking at all their new friends to look at me. Carter introduced us to Elliot, Kasey, and Gavin last week. I'm glad he's meeting people!
Teague has been a little chef lately. He loves this kitchen. He cooks everyday. Here he is flipping an egg!
He also really likes bath time...even when there is no water in the tub. There are a ton of pictures of Teague because Ave and Carter were on their Yellowstone adventure this weekend...see below.
He's wiping! He really wants to go potty. He sits on it everytime his diaper is off, but nothing has happened yet!
Carter asked me to help him draw some marine life from his new National Geographic Oceans book that he got last week at the Emerson book fair. He colored everything in. He's getting much more careful about coloring in the lines. Here we have a manatee, a hammerhead shark, a dwarf shark, a dolphin, a jawfish, a jumping Adelie penguin, and a seahorse.
Ave wanted to wear all black today. Kyle was calling her Avery Cash. We also went with these ponytails because she could do somersaults in them. Today was tap/tumbling day. She loved it again. She was just showing Grandma second position out in the front room!

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