Monday, September 17, 2012

Dance and more fun!

We were de-cluttering our house last's long overdue. Carter found this old police costume from Kathi, Josh, and Luke. He told me cops don't smile!
These goofballs love to lay together Saturday morning and watch Dinosaur Train and Wild Kratts on PBS-Kids. They are actually pretty good shows - I can't complain. It's so much better than Power Rangers or Pokemon.
As you can see, this picture is the wrong way and Teagie looks quite out of it. I put it up just cause the other two look so silly...and I barely have any pictures this week.
Happy 32nd Birthday Kyle! He had to work, but he still got some cake and presents. Plus, lots of loves from three cute kiddos!
Erica took the three big monkeys to her house for some playtime on Sunday. I rode Teague over in Poppa's bike carrier and surprised them. They all played together quite well with the Play-doh.
Ave had her first dance class today. It was tap and tumbling...and she loved it. Her friend Reece (Geah's little girl) is in her class, and they were "dance friends" today. I worried a little because she can be so shy at first, but she held Reece's hand and they walked in together.
She's tapping in Mom and Dad's kitchen right now! I'll get some pictures next week. This week was lots of volleyball and cleaning...nothing too exciting.

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