Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun stuff and Liam's 1st Birthday

Ave insisted on getting these straws last time we went to the store. My favorite part of the picture is her purple shirt and jeans, which she purposely picked out for our last home volleyball game. She's a good little cheerleader!
Teagie wore this lovely outfit for black day at daycare. He kept telling all his teachers about his "Bones"!
He is getting to be quite the little cheeseface. He hardly ever gives me a normal smile anymore!
Carterman got three new blue shirts from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness (thank you!), and he loves them all! We had a beautiful day last week to hang out outside - got to do it while we can!
3 silly boys in some fall sunshine - they are very good to the little Teague.
Halloween costumes are here! Ave is wearing hers over some pajamas. She wanted to be a fairy - this was called "Purple Flower Fairy". It's beautiful!
Carter asked to be a cop - we were surprised. We thought he wanted to be a Transformer. He looks so cute in it. I couldn't stop smiling!
Two cops and a fairy princess - pretty awesome! Teague kept backing away from his "Itsy Bitsy Spider" costume. We'll be working on that.
I love when I catch them being nice together. They teamed up for some look-and-find books.
Liam is 1! We were back at Silver Bow for his party on Sunday. Teague and Ave had a great time on the Choo Choo together!
Another Teague "Cheeseface" with his favorite buddies, Abb and Jord.
Liam was quite enthralled with his Mario stuffed guy from his Uncle Dan. He was a very good boy and sat down for all the present opening!
Cake time!
Carter and Austin got some cool stuffed toys from the gift place at Silver Bow. They had 400 tickets each!
Lando used his load of tickets to get himself this awesome mustache! It went perfectly with his hair!
Later that evening, Ave decided she wanted a haircut! She was very good. She wouldn't talk to the lady cutting her hair of course, but she listened like a champ. Grandma (in the background) and I got her a little treat at KMart afterwards.

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