Monday, October 8, 2012

October fun!

We got out the Halloween decorations as Grandma and Poppa's house the other night. Ave looked smashing in this hat that Grandma wore last year.
Wednesday was freezing! It was also National Walk to School Day. Daddy was a trooper...and probably looked a bit odd in his shorts to the other parents.
Teague has decided these are the coolest pajamas ever. He likes to walk around in them and yell "Bones"!
Ave figured I might as well have a picture of her pajamas also because horses are "awesome".
3 kids in the tub. If only I could get them to pose like this when they are clothed!
We went up to drop off a present to Michael Peck on Friday. Teague has never been in a playpen before! He thought it was kind of fun!
Avery really likes to play with Molly. We were only there for an hour, but they had a blast!
They were building phones with some Magneatos. Those toys are the best things ever. We play with them every single week!
Avery had Kyle put all the Magneato balls in the pocket of his sweatshirt. We had just read that the Daddy Penguin incubates the that's what's going on in this picture!
We were at Silver Bow on Sunday for Connor and Austin's birthday party. They actually fixed the place ski ball machines that actually work!
Liam is getting so big. His first birthday is this week and his party is next Sunday. He looked so cute toddling around the place.
Austin turned 7! He was great about thanking everyone after he opened his presents, and he was excited about everything!
Connor is 9! I couldn't get a smile, but he really enjoyed himself too. They are good boys!
Teague thinks Landon is awfully cool. He tried to make all the same noises as Lando while they were driving together.
He's a handsome guy. I got him a new dinosaur shirt, and he looked good.
Teague was a tired boy. Luckily he had Jordan to snuggle with in the race car.
Ave is a goofball...look at this silly cake face.
Teague was having a good time "counting" tickets while his brother raced.
Last but not least...Ave told me to make sure to get a picture of this clownfish that she caught in the bathtub. I have a crazy video of her to put up too. Hope no one minds bathtub videos.

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