Monday, October 1, 2012

Silly Silly kids

Teague has been jumping a lot lately (preferably naked). He does get some air! Then he lands on his butt - it sounds terrible...but he loves it!
This fool covered himself in post-its one night before bed. He is a weirdo, but a superstar also.
Teague has taken a great interest in my books lately. I think he's a little young for Stephen King myself, but I do hope he reads it someday.
Ave decided she better read some of my books also. These two have excellent taste!
They took my camera at practice one day. I had 50 pictures of shoes, the floor, and these faces!
Here's another beautiful one!
On Friday Kyle was off. We took Ave and Teague for a picnic at Stodden. We obviously got some food at Burger King - here's King Daddy and Teague.
And Queen Mommy and Ave. We had a good time.
After we picked up the Kindergarten boys, Teague fell right asleep. That means it's a good time for painting. They are quite the artists.
He had a lovely python painted blue...then he went abstract and painted swirls over the entire thing. He looks proud of his work!
Peek-a-boo Teagie! He loved to get covered up by Daddy.
Saturday we watched Tech's double overtimewin over Southern Oregon. It was amazing! The kids were super good too. Carter was very interested in the game and rang his Tech cowbell a lot!
On Sunday we had a fun little bike ride to Clark's Park. We have to enjoy this beautiful weather while we can! It's supposed to snow Wednesday! Noooooo!
She wanted to make a silly face for me - mission accomplished!
These two posed for me in front of the petunias. The frost is coming so we had to take a summer memory picture!

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