Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Photos!

We made it! Sorry, the captions have been fairly small because I've been an uploading fool. Anyway, we made it to Sunburst despite Ave's barfing and fever. I felt terrible for her. She was so good, but definitely not herself. When we came back on the 26th, we went straight to the Doctor and...(terrible parent alert) it was the very edge of pneumonia. She's been on a nebulizer and strong antibiotics for a couple days and is improving. So that's that. Here is my Teagie man with Callie. They were all so happy to see Callie!
I am not sure how this one got up here. This is when we came back to Butte. They were equally spoiled in both cities. I can't believe how generous our families and friends are. Thank you all so much! Unfortunately my camera died one picture after this was taken. It needed a charging. I missed when Carter opened his telescope and said, "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!".
Ave's face in this picture kills me. She's so over her Dad and big brother wrestling.
Teague really wanted to be best friends with Kaden. He walked right up to him when he arrived and said "nice to meet you"! He also really likes his hood.
Teague absolutely loved Grandma Bonnie's village. He would stand in the window and talk about Santa going around and "the fire trucks coming to save us"! This was only half the village too. It's amazing!
Kade's running form was making us laugh. He went around and around quite a few times. It was so nice to see the Cut Bank Barsness cousins.
They were not cooperating for a Christmas dress-up picture this year. Teague put his hands in his pockets and just leaned over. He's a goofball.
Santa brought Teagie a Mickey Mouse laptop - he loved it!
Boo thought her new princess pajamas were quite lovely too.
Carter loved everything. He was so funny up there. He gets so excited!
Carter slept with his buddy Colten on Christmas Eve so he came in and gave Avery and Teagie Pie kisses.
Colty is the nicest boy. He's so good with all the little kids.
He looked fabulous in this sweater!
Santa brought some new super warm animal blankets for the kiddos. Teague really liked his puppy!
I think this was right before Carter said, "I'm so spoiled right now". When he opened his presents he kept saying, "I can't believe I got exactly what I wanted!".
Teagie and Dad opened presents, Callie helped Carter, and I helped Ave. It was quite chaotic and that's my excuse for not having a ton of pictures.
After presents we had a delicious Christmas breakfast. Bonnie is one of the best cooks ever! Her cinnamon twists are favorite of everyone!
Nate and Teague were buddies. We went to Nate's house for naptime before Christmas dinner, and Teague passed out on Nate for a good three hours!
She picked this outfit to wear for Christmas dinner. I thought that was a good sign - she's usually so opinionated. She was still sick though...
Christmas dinner was so so good. My kids chowed down on prime rib and twice baked potatoes (especially Teague). He was quite the charmer. He sang many songs for Phil and Mary Jo.
I think this might have been his new thing. He kept saying "Santa says WAKE UP"! Not sure where that came from.
Last picture before the camera succumbed. We found Mom this perfume for her stocking when the Kyles, Erica, and I were out shopping. It was called "Nice Lady". Mom said it smelled like "Old Lady"! We all got a good laugh though - and we got her some stuff that was actually nice also! 

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